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With the recent events in politics in the US, I'm urged from within to write something about what's happened.

We have men like Ted Cruz, Governor Kasich of Ohio, and others who have campaigned on their Christianity, wearing it like a badge of honor, and seeking to rally the Christians behind them to sweep into power.

Now, since the rejection of these men by the vast majority of conservatives, including most evangelicals, we've seen Cruz and Kasich snub the convention, acting like petulant children who've been deprived of their rightful place in history.

Here's the point I'm driven to make.  This feels like prophecy because it is.

Who is in charge? Who decides the course of history? Who says to us that we're not to worry when the earth shakes, and leaders clash, and nations war against nations?  Who hand picks even non-believers to rule? (read your Scriptures, brothers and sisters).

God Almighty, that's who.

So when Ted Cruz stands up and defends himself, his family, his beliefs, and acts as if he's the only one who lives by Christian principles, where is his faith? When John Kasich boycotts the convention, where there are thousands of equally zealous believers in attendance, who is he boycotting against?

These men are exhibiting the traits of the modern religious Christian.  Shouting about "living by Biblical principles" is the worst thing they can do.

First of all, nobody can live by "Christian principles". Name me one place in Scripture where we are exhorted to live by "Christian principles".  There are no such things as Christian principles.  That is religion.  Rules, regulations, and principles.  

For us as believers, there is only Christ, and His power, and His love, and His Spirit within us.  He decides elections, and He decides this nation's future.  We can speak out, and vote, and work to persuade others. But when that gavel comes down, and we are not chosen, we MUST exhibit the character of Christ, not our own petulant, power-hungry anger and disappointment.

Ted Cruz and John Kasich have demonstrated to the world the worst of religious Christianity, by not being gracious, and kind and loving, even to those who misuse them, and abuse them.

And who is to say that this is not the hour God chooses a man to lead us who is going to make decisions even he does not understand.  Like Cyrus, perhaps this man is going to be used by God to save God's people, even if he doesn't fully understand what that outcome is to be.  Even if he doesn't live by "Christian principles".  And look who he chose for a running mate: a man who is arguably the most godly of all the men in politics, a man who has demonstrated humility and grace throughout his career.

I do know this by the Spirit of God. If Christians do not give up their pride, their prejudice and their anger over "Christian principles", then the people waiting to continue their power-mongering are the worst of the worst, and will fight against godly men and women everywhere in America over the coming years.
I have personally known men and women who suffered under socialist and communist regimes, and that is something we don't wish upon our nation.

God is not a principle, nor is His Christ.  They are the Living God, and will not be confined to a list of principles.

Beware of following these religious Christians. And listen to the Spirit of God within you for direction.


  1. More of the truth. I wish the so called Christian politicians could read this.

  2. On the eve of such a momentous election I do agree:
    He will do as he pleases


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