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"The Spirit gives life, the flesh counts for nothing."  --Jesus, Matt. 6:63

There is so much flesh in our normal striving after God.  Christ came to bring Spirit and Life.  Now the flesh counts for nothing, as He says to us today. 

Are you weak physically?  
Are you old?  
Are you young and inexperienced?  
Are you talented and strong?  
Are you sick?  
Are you poor?  
Are you rich and endowed with position and influence?
Are you man?  Woman?  Child?  
Are you in the East or in the West, North or South?  
Are you educated or uneducated?  

None of this matters, once Christ comes.

You are hearing Him say what drove many away from Him.  At this point in His ministry, Jesus laid out the hard truth, which was that we must eat and drink of Christ's flesh and blood, His Way, if we are to follow Him.  Read John 6:25-70.  Most of His followers wouldn't accept this teaching.  Just as most who claim to be with Christ today do not accept it.  And so are not really following Christ as He requires.  

Jesus was disregarded by many because He did not have the marks of what they thought a King should be.  They were looking for the things of flesh.  Instead, He came without the physical and educational and social and economic marks of worldly kingship.  He came without worldly titles or pedigrees.  He came without fanfare, into a rural area with only shepherds to witness the angels sing.  He came without money, being willing to live as a common carpenter.  He came without education, without religious schooling.  Even His ministry was humble, without marketing or a large following.  He came like many of us, without what the world thinks is needed to be successful.

Yet He says that the flesh counts for nothing.

What does this mean?  It means what He says.  That when Christ comes to us, and we come to Him, and we abide in Him, and He abides in us, that we can do anything that God wants to do through us.  There are no longer limitations of earthly nature.  We now live the life of Christ, who lives within us by His power.

Today, like Christ, you may have none of the things the world thinks are significant and count for something.  However, you count in the Kingdom, and have a place of honor at the banqueting table of Christ.

See John 15 for a complete look at this life.  Jesus tells us there that the flesh counts for nothing, and that we will accomplish spiritual feats, not by anything we bring in the flesh, but by what He brings into us.  By the Spirit of God we will conquer the uselessness of flesh, and be amazed by what Christ does in us and through us by that Spirit.

We are going to produce fruit that will last.  Fruit of righteousness in an evil and unbelieving world.  Fruit that the Father wants.  Not the useless fruit of the flesh, with its human pride of achievement.

Today, don't be chasing after anything of this world.  Let Christ dwell in your heart by faith, and the fruit of that dwelling will be obedience to His Word, and spiritual fruit that brings glory and honor to Him.  


  1. don' t chase after material things that perish, or food that withers , but seek that which does not perish, and food that nourishes . the Spirit gives life ! the works of the flesh and the cares of the flesh count for nothing towards eternal life, but rather the opposite. eternal death.

  2. Thanks for the timely reminder...sometimes waiting is hard and the temptation to run ahead is powerful... "Yes Lord, I will wait upon you. For you know the plans you have for me.... Plans to prosper & not to harm plans of hope and a future - today I will not harden my heart but I will submit to God - resist the devil ( he has to flee) and walk humbly with my God - listening for His voice- as a maidservant looks to the hand of her master- I will wait and watch for the opportunities you present to further your Kingdom in me and through me- in Jesus' name, Amen"


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