Overheard: Religion is a replacement for drugs.

The world as we know it is full of religion.

Do you agree with the journalist who lately said, "Many claim that Christ took them off drugs.  But haven't they just replaced one drug with another?  Isn't religion now their drug of choice?"

Karl Marx said: "Religion is the opiate of the masses."  Through the journalist quoted above, and through many others in the world right now, we are hearing this idea.  That religion is a drug, designed to keep the masses from rising up and taking hold of their own destiny.

Are the social idealists right?  

I'd like to hear your comments.

As a lead in to this conversation, I'll add this morsel of truth.  I believe there is great truth in what the godless are saying.  I'll add this.  I believe Jesus Christ is saying the same to us today.  What do you say?

A. Brother


  1. Pure and undefiled "Religion", before God, is defined by James and is consistent with what Jesus indicates in Matthew 7. According to Jesus, knowing Him (Intimacy) and doing his will is the only pathway that will facilitate entry into the dominion of God (the King's-dominion), which is within us.

    Whatever else is called religion other than intimacy with Jesus and doing the will of the Father will not lead to peace, joy and right relationship with God and man and the subsequent benefits and joy of SERVING Him.

    Whatever, other, seemingly, wonderful things that are done in the name of the Lord are works of "Iniquity", according to Jesus and we all know that we reap what we sow.

    Any religion is just another trap baited with what looks and sounds good to man, but which is not based on the truth.

    Thanks Keith

  2. I have heard so many different comments as to what religion is. One person told me it is for weak minded people. Ahem. Anyway, perhaps in the stricted sense of the word the statement is correct. One can be religious and have no personal knowledge or relationship with God.

    Relationship with the Lord of Lord's and dying to oneself is the only way to a life that has purpose and hope in this life and the hereafter for me.

  3. To pose the questions in a less confusing way--

    "Is the world stuck on religion in such a way that it can't see Christ? Is therefore religion an effective tool of the Enemy?
    If so, how does that mean we should live as followers of Christ?
    How do we talk then to religious people about God and the Truth?"

  4. Absolutely. Jesus came that we might know God, personally; that right relationship be restored; LIFE from death.
    Dictionary: 1. religion, belief in a superhuman power to be obeyed and worshiped as the creator, ruler of the universe. 2. expression of this belief in conduct and ritual. 3. any specific system of belief, worship, etc., often involving a code of ethics: as the christian religion.
    Jesus never called anyone to become religious; they already were that. He said, follow Me, be as I Am, seek ye first the Kingdom of God, become a new creature in Christ, do the will of the Father. We cannot do any of those things in our own strength, or from our own understanding. So we focus on the things 'about' God, and become religious.
    How to live? Do all things - 'to the Glory of God.' (which once you become conscious of what that means, your brought to the realization that it is impossible as long as your looking at yourself or others. You can only look to God, and let Him do it in and through you).
    Talk to religious people as the Spirit leads. I know that this is something the Lord has been showing me in a multitude of ways for months. Bringing up old religious ideas and beliefs in me that were not pleasing to Him, things that I have had to let go of. It has to be ALL ABOUT HIM, not us, not our beliefs, not our religious ideas and doctrines, none of that matters. In fact, all those 'good' things can be truth, can be right on, and can be a hindrance to our actually entering in to KNOW HIM, and be conformed to His image, because we settle for them and don't press in till we are completely hidden in HIM. No more 'me.' I believe that is what Paul was expressing, and what we are all called to strive for. This world is full of religion, and death, all bound up together. 'Whom the Son sets free, is free indeed.' The more religious a person is, the more they will resent and reject being 'set free.' There is enormous 'comfort' found in religion. just some of my thoughts... cathy

    1. Yes, as in many of the "Megachurches"where the Pastors only preach a "Happpy Church"!Nothing about sin or consequences of unrepentance or anything like that!Heaven forbid if they offend anybody!(Less money for them!)So sad that so many are being decived like this!They only want to hear positive things and none of the negative! Very unrealistic!They are definitely not listening to what our Savior said!!They are being blinded by Satan! So sad!

  5. I might add, in response to your last comment regarding 'truth.' Many times we hear a message, or read an article, and something in it bears witness, and we know it is truth. However, what is often lost or missed, and where the lines get blurred in our understanding, is when we fail to realize that Jesus personifies TRUTH. He said, "I AM the WAY, I AM the TRUTH, I AM the LIFE. To enter into the LIFE goes far beyond giving mental assent to an ideal; or right vs. wrong. We can think right of our own volition, but we can only BE right, by the power of his cleansing life within us, transforming us into His own image. Believers fight amongst one another over doctrinal differences, trying to prove their point of view on something about Jesus is right. It's not about right/wrong, that's carnal; eating from the wrong tree. Our first charge is to LOVE one another, as He loved us, and gave himself for us. The first thing people jump on as justification for attacking others is that they are 'defending the faith.' We forget that the 'battle is the Lord's'.. we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but powers and principalities. We have to go through doing what seems right in our own eyes, to learn that without Him, we can do nothing. Only the Spirit can open anyone's eyes to the TRUTH, which is Jesus Christ Himself. And only Christ in us can love others when they 'despitefully use us.' The more we come to realize that truth is not found in the right doctrine, it is only found in His Life, the more we can rest in Him and let Him fight the battles, both for and in us. We will find true statements in every religion out there. That little girl following Paul around was speaking truth, but from the wrong spirit. Devils are quite capable of making true statements, but for the wrong reasons. Jesus only said and did what He saw the Father doing; to glorify the Father. Therein lies the difference. sorry for rambling, c

    1. I don't think your rambling!The truth needs to be told and there is a lot of it!If more Christians would really listen and do what our Savior says they would be a lot better off!He left us the Holy Spirit to help us but how many of us are taking advantage of that gift?Doesn't appear to be many does it?In 2 Cor 11:14 it says "Satan can disguise himself as an Angel of light"!!Shouldn't really be surprising since he used to be the "Head Angel"!That's why we need the Holy Spirit's help in discerning the different spirits!The sooner we all can wake up to the fact that we can do nothing without him(the savior)and quit trying to do everything in our own strength the better we all will be!!!I'm praying for that!The only "differences"we should be concerned about are" Spiritual differences" hence the need for "Spiritual Discernment"!Which the Holy Spirit can help us with!Ask and ye shall recieve!Uh Oh now I'm "Rambling"(see what you started Out of the fire!)Ha!Anyway I think we have made our points (to anyone with eyes to see or ears to listen!)
      Bottom line Keep your eyes and ears on him and you can't go wrong!!Welcome any comments on this!!!

  6. To echo your statements, out of the fire, Jesus says, "I am the...Truth". He then says the Holy Spirit will reveal Truth to us (John 17). So--the Holy Spirit reveals Christ to us and in us. This isn't about memorizing Scripture and having some magic happen. This can't be that because that's religion...


    What do others think?

    1. I "Ditto"your comment!He also said for us to "Walk in Spirit and in Truth"!When he left the Earth he didn't tell his Disciples "Here's the Book I want you to go by so go ahead and fight among yourself about what it says or what you think it says"!No, he left us his Spirit so we could know for a fact what's right or wrong!We all need the Spirit's help in these last days because Satan knows his time is short and he is going to be pulling out all the stops and use every decieving trick in his repotuoire!We all must be ready for it!Well A.(anonymous?)Brother Peace to you and all!!!

  7. In many churches and Ministries "MONEY" is the drug of choice!!!!!


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