Man is by nature a liar.  Mankind is prone to lie as much as birds are prone to fly.  We just gravitate to speaking lies, and living lies.  As we get older and wiser, and God works in us to give us some understanding, this fact becomes foundational to the way we live.  We learn not to trust in people, but only in God and His Word.

At least those who listen to the Spirit of God will learn this truth.  When you examine Scripture, start to finish, it is the chronicle of man seeking to avoid responsibility for his own error, by  innuendo, pretense, and outright fabrication.  Whether it is Adam pointing the finger at Eve, Abraham lying about Sarah to save himself, Laban lying to Jacob, or countless other examples, we see that the face of man is fake, and that he lies even to himself about nearly everything.

Today, we live in an incredibly and increasingly naive time.  Weaned on the worldly media, and educated in pretense, the new generations of younger people show the results of the teaching they have received.  They adopt the posture that basically man is good, and if given the right circumstances, and the right environment to thrive, that mankind will pull itself right out of its tendencies to hatred and destruction, and somehow the world will become a good place.  This thinking is paving the way for Satan to deceive whole generations to come with his lies, which will seem like truth to the naive and foolish.

Unfortunately, even many who claim Christ have let this thinking flavor everything they do.

God tells us in His Word, that we can do nothing good within ourselves.  That it is Christ in us who empowers us to good.  Christ says, "Apart from Me, you can do nothing."  And by that He means nothing of eternal significance and rightness before God.  

Man is "prone to evil as the sparks fly upward," according to Job.  And the sparks always fly upward from the campfire.  We are deadly evil, prone to destroy, and steal and kill, as our father the devil is.  

So let's stop pretending, and take the truth head on.  It is the role of the prophet to speak absolute truth, without watering it down or putting a nice face on it.  The prophet speaks of what is wrong, and what must be fixed, else the house fall down.  

Like a home inspector, he tells exactly what is deficient in the home, exactly the state of the home right now, exactly what is in need of quick repair.  There is a show on television called "Holmes on Homes", where a man named Mike Holmes, a construction expert, goes in and takes on people's home construction problems.  These problems are faced  head on, with bad news being nearly the only news that Mike can deliver to these homeowners.  He often must tear out and redo completely whole sections of the house to make it work.  But they accept it, because they want to have a home that won't leak, or have electrical problems, that won't fall down in bad weather, or attract pests that will eat the foundation.  They don't want to live with mold or cold, moisture or excessive heat.  They want a solid, livable home that is correctly constructed, on a strong foundation.

Unfortunately, people are much smarter about their homes than they are about their lives, or their hearts, or even than Christians are about the Church.

It is time for true prophets to speak out.  It is God's time for those who are tired of living with lies, and with glossing over the truth.  We live in a time of terrible sin, but then, so have all other generations throughout history.  Never has man done well with his societies, his worldly pursuits, his business interests, his families, his cultures, his leisure.  Man is prone to evil.  So why are we surprised at the world and what's going on?  What naive assumptions have we adopted that cause us to be shocked at the depravity and evil intentions all around us?  What stupid and foolish thoughts have we entertained about man's good nature?  

Today look Christ in the eye, and accept the reality of His truth.  We will never have a "good world" that is full of right living.  This world is passing away, and is a failed, miserable place, that in God's time will be destroyed.  Instead, we must spend our time living right, focused on Christ, enabled by His Spirit, and humbly accepting what comes to us from His hand.

And we must always, at all times, speak the truth in love to those around us.  I guarantee this is going to produce drama, difficulty, and hardship for you and for me.  Absolutely guaranteed.  But this is the life of the true disciple of Christ.  And today, that truth is more needed than ever.



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