A. Brother

“Dear friends, do not believe every spirit,
but test the spirits to see whether they are from God,
for many false prophets have gone out into the world.”
1 John 4:1

“I am writing these things to you about those
who are trying to lead you astray.  As for you,
the anointing you received remains in you,
and you do not need anyone to teach you….
just as it has taught you, remain in Him.”
1 John 2:26,27

            There are many so-called ‘Christian’ movements out there today.  There are many ministries, and many voices, claiming many things.  There are large organizations building their own life, recruiting people, taking in money, and claiming to be doing God’s work.  It is a confusing and frustrating world, a subculture of noise and clamor.
          But it’s always been this way.
          We must not think God is frustrated or confused.  Our Father is absolutely Sovereign, and those of us who will be standing at the end of all things will stand on the absolute Twin Pillars of God’s Truth.
          First, we stand on God’s Word.  Scripture is our written Truth.  We measure all things by its clarity, by its light.  “In God’s Word it says…” should be one of our most used phrases.  This is essential today, when the winds of apostasy blow through the churches, and men throw out their own words like confetti on the ‘christian’ parade.  (I de-capitalized the word on purpose to emphasize that Christ is not in most of this charade.)
          Many of the ‘modern’ and ‘postmodern’ men and women who preach and teach let go of the Word in favor of their own words.  They think up bright and shining phrases that hit the market well.  We must not just shake our heads in disbelief at their tactics, but brothers and sisters, we must speak out and say, “This does not measure up to the Word of God.  I don’t care who says it, or who writes it, or who thought it up, but Scripture says…”
          God’s Word is true, and those who seek Christ must find Him in it.
          Second, we stand on the witness of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus said that the Spirit would remind us of what He taught, and be our confidante and comfort, our guide and help in knowing the Way.  We hold to the Word, and we listen to the Spirit to confirm it in our hearts and minds, so that we can stand in the day of testing and evil.
          The Scriptures quoted above stand in testimony to this Truth.  If we remain in Christ, and He remains in us, we will bear much fruit.  His fruit means the fruit of the Spirit, including love, faith, hope, and all the others.  If we don’t remain in Christ (and it is impossible to remain in Christ without clinging to His Word), then we don’t have Christ.  John’s first letter to the churches confirms God’s Truth to us in this matter.
          Each of us who is in Christ has the Spirit’s anointing to understand and know the things of Christ.  He will teach us, and we must not just rest on the words of men, or follow men.  This is where all apostasy and turning away starts.  By listening to and following men instead of being anchored in the Word and in the Spirit of God.

          Brothers, today we must fight, but forget all the political and cultural and social fights out there.  The battle for the Kingdom of God is a spiritual battle, and must be fought with spiritual weapons.  The Word and the Spirit!  God is Sovereign, never fear.


  1. Just came across your site and really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work!! If you're interested, you can visit my blog at
    I think you'll find we have a common theme, esp. in my Discipleship 101 section. Best wishes and God bless! Fiona


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