Dear Brother or Sister:

You are in the middle of a terrible circumstance.  It looks, smells, feels, and acts like a tragedy being played out in your life.  It is is horrible, and your pain is unendurable.  You are close to the edge, wishing you were dead, wishing you'd never been born.  How incurable your situation is.  How despairing your heart is.  Who will deliver you from this?  When there is no hope, how can you have hope?  When we see nothing but blackness, where can light be found?

Christ knows this exact pain.  He is there with you, though you can't see  Him.  You have believed, but now, in your extreme pain, you find yourself alone, or seemingly alone.  That's ok. That's normal.  Christ went through the agony you are, only ten thousand times worse.  He had known perfection, and a life of fullness and bliss with His Father.  Yet here He was, among mean, ugly, nasty humans, whose best actions were rags in comparison to Gods' holiness.  Here He was, among them but not of them, eating with them, drinking with them, walking among them, and experiencing their ridicule, their disbelief, their petty objections, their blindness, their hatred and their weak-love that He knew He couldn't really trust.  He was betrayed and left alone by everyone, and felt complete abandonment even by His Father.  "Father, Father, why have you forsaken Me?" He cried in His extreme pain and loss, naked and ridiculed by all, bleeding and dying in agony, while the Heavens were shut to Him.  In this far country, this strange world ruled by evil, He was alone.

And yet, He says to you now, He calls you to take the same road.  The narrow road of pain and suffering.  So that you will know the blinding Light of His Truth, His joy, His love, which will come to you after Gethsemane, after Golgotha, after your death on that daily cross.  He calls to you now to submit to this dying, with tears, as you cry out "Father, Father, Why have you forsaken me?"  For He knows your resurrection is right around the corner.  Your stone will be rolled away, and you will see the Light again.  And your future will be lived more and more, as you go through these dying times, in His Life.  He will become your all, your Lord, and your Life.  His Way will become your Way.  His Truth will shine more and more out of your eyes and your heart.

Don't give up now.  You are almost there.  And He will carry your body, and dress it, and lay it in the tomb, and He will call you out from that grave as He called Lazarus out.  "________, (insert your own name) come out."  Those will be His Words to you soon.

The narrow road is full of difficulty and hardship.  Yet it's rewards are beyond explanation.  Continue on this road with many of us.  Christ will hold you, and Christ will redeem you from the hand of the ruthless and the evil, even when all seems dark and lost.

Blessings on you today in Christ.
A. Brother


  1. Seems we're thinking very much alike in our blog postings! I wrote mine today before coming to read yours, and was pleased to see that the Lord is using both of us to share hope and encouragement with our brothers and sisters who are struggling.

  2. What a great thing for the Holy Spirit to do on the last couple of days of this year. I hope others read your blog, and blessings on you.
    A. Brother


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