A. Brother

For those who seek truth, and not religion, there is Christ.
Christ alone brings us to the Father.
Religion is the enemy, and would keep us from truth.

From the beginning of time, religion has fought God.
Religions are man's attempts to reach God on man's own terms.
Religion sets up barriers on the road to God.
Religion demands things that God never required.
Religion hates Christ, and it was religion that nailed him to the cross.

Today when we hear men defending the "Christian religion", or "Christianity",
remember they are not defending Christ.  They are defending their own way.

Nothing has changed.  It's always been this way.
The early Christ-followers were persecuted by all other religions.
The earliest believers in Christ faced fierce opposition from the Jews,
God's own chosen people.
Throughout history, Satan has used religion more than any other vehicle
to distract and destroy the faith of men.

Witness the world today.
Islam seeks to dominate the world with its sick blend of supposed
God-worship, male-superiority, hatred of Jews, Christians, and all other
infidels, strict cultural imperatives, and warring ways.
Hinduism and Buddhism and all other "isms" keep a billion or more
enslaved in ancestor worship, and other forms of idolatry.
Mormonism is like Islam, a deceptive and warlike religion that seeks
nothing less than a world kingdom and domination.
Communism is still alive and well, which is the worship of the state.
Yes, communism is a religion, and it still seeks world domination.
Anything we believe brings salvation for mankind, even if it is a political
or social cause, is a religion.
And Christianity fits the bill.

For those of you seeking Christ today, you won't find Him in religion.
He is on the narrow road, and He is found only through the cross and
resurrection for the individual.  You must follow Him, and not man-made
religions, which always, the moment they are created, cause us to stumble.

Many seek alternatives to Satan's religions.
Atheists and agnostics are all created by contact with religion.
These labels simply apply to people who hate what they've seen of
those who claim to know God, but who really just represent their own
religious ideas of what it means to know God.

Those who want Christ must seek Him.
Forsaking all others, cling to Christ, and know the Father.
As He did with the earliest followers, He will  meet with you in
hidden rooms and gardens of the heart.  He will show you Himself,
and in doing so will show you the Father, and give you His Spirit.
And then He will give you others who know Him, and who walk
with Him outside religion.

The religious will come with their torches and swords to find you.
They will call you out one day, and you will face your own trial as
He did.  They will drag you before courts and magistrates to accuse
you as they did Christ.  Jesus warned us.  What He suffered at the hands
of religious people, we will suffer, if we truly follow our Lord.

Blessings on all who heed these words today.


  1. I am and was in so need of this. As I repel the things of this world and the Lord prunes me to fit on the narrow path, I am amazed at how the people closest to me, both in Church and in family, warn me that I am too radical or too intense and I should resolve myself to the wide luxurious road. It saddens me that others who call themselves Christians have bought in to the idea that God's/Christ's demands have changed for us, we live in America the promise land. He wouldn't ask us to sacrifice to follow him, he doesn't want all of our heart, he only wants what we can or are willing to give. How blind, I thank God for my sight and pray for the blindness to be lifted from others. Once again, what a needed teaching.

  2. Thank you Brother, for we have been kicked out of fellowship with sweet brethren because we don't play politics with the local assemblies here. Religion kicked us out of His temple ;( This saddens me, but what you said is so true. Religion will clamp chains around you and cause you to sin and not seek Christ. Thank you for your words :) I truly needed them.

  3. So glad this Truth from the Word of God found a mark in you. It does in me. May we rest completely in Christ, and not worry about what the man-made, compromised religious systems are doing today. May we busy about our Father's business, by the power of Christ's Spirit within us.
    Your Brother,
    A. Brother.


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