A. Brother

For those Christ calls to stay within the borders of the Christian religion:

It's the most dangerous place in the world, there in the heart of the large, modern, affluent churches.  Be aware, be on guard, and be seeking Christ without the bells and whistles at all times.  He will keep you, He will meet you.  But stay focused on Him alone, and be ever vigilant to be the watchman on the walls of Jerusalem, telling the truth in love, no matter how uncomfortable some people are.  With humility, my brother or sister. 

You have a high calling--being in the modern churches, but not of the fluff and worldly puff--and it's one that will create huge tension and pain in you in Christ very often. 

But Christ is absolute Sovereign, and if He has called you to it, He will keep you in it. 

I have no faith at all in myself, or in the churches, or even in you (no offense), but only in Christ, and the John 15 life. 

We true disciples trust ultimately in Christ our Rock, and know that all we see will pass away, when He chooses.  So all we have that will last is Christ, and His Kingdom, which He will reveal when He comes.


What will happen is this:  you will be challenged at every turn to compromise.  To accept religious things that distract people from seeking Christ as "just the way things are".  To accept new ideas from people on how to run "church" that have nothing to do with what you see in the Word of God.  To accept the status quo because "it's not a big deal" or "but we've done this particular thing for 28 years this way" or "how could all these godly people who do this be wrong?" or "who do you think you are, anyway, the apostle Paul?"

Thousands will be swaying to the music of modern, affluent, self-driven, self-satisfied Christian pomposity, while you sit alone, with the Word of God pounding in your heart, pounding in your ears, telling you it's not the Way.  Christ whispering in your soul that He is not found in the parade, the clanging cymbal, this man-made religious sub-culture that has copied the world in so many ways.  And the sure thought that this is part of the wood, hay and stubble God directed Paul to teach about only 30 years after Christ's resurrection. 

While hundreds and thousands of Christ-followers died as martyrs at the hands of religious zealots in those early years, and every generation of true disciples from then on suffered the same, yet we believe we are different.  That we can have our religious cake and eat it, too.  That Christ promises us health, wealth, and a wonderful life here among the heathen.  That we can marry ourselves to more than one bride.  That Christ will overlook our slide into self-focus, self-aggrandizement, self-congratulatory evangelical fleshianity.  That somehow He will be impressed at our slick marketing and technological savvy.  Our state-of-the-art this and that. 

The modern, affluent, self-focused, self-worshiping churches are the most dangerous place in the world for true disciples of Christ.  For they pull us off the Narrow Road, and put us on Broadway. 

Be aware, be on your guard.  If Christ calls you to stay there, He will keep you there.  You need not fear.  But have the healthy understanding that ultimately, those people who smile and greet you now, may at some point, when tables have turned and the heat is on, be the ones who deny you at your trial before the heathen. 

Go to the Word of God, go to Christ.  May all who seek Him be satisfied in Him.

A. Brother


  1. I can't thank you enough. For me this is where I wrestle with "am I called here." Why I say that is that you are 100% right, it feels comfortable, too too comfortable. When I read scripture and try and fit myself in there I don't see a coffee shop or lock tight worship or lasers, I see stripped down, man to God heartfelt worship. Where I think it gets tricky is the judging of some peoples hearts, I believe some are there for the right reasons and whats wrong with a coffee, but where do we draw the line. For me it will be drawn at truth. We are called to spread and disciple people in the Gospel, no cushioning, no fluff, straight up uncompromising truth. I thank you for your teaching because it corroborated what was in my heart. God Bless and Keep the pruning sheers handy, I know I need it.

  2. SIGH,.... sometimes I wonder if there are truly any churches out there who truly keep the word of God for what the Word of God teaches. We have been raised to learn the doctrines of man and assume that the Bible tells us because Dr. So and So wrote it in a book many many years ago. Ross and I have decided that we would follow scripture and seek the face of God for any decision or doctrine we set upon ourselves.... this of course has caused us to be kicked out of our local assemblies here in Peru. But those are not our brothers or sisters, no, the Bible says those who do the will of the Father that is my mother, my brother and my sister. We need to keep an eye out for those who truly are our mother, brother and sister so that we may have some iron to sharpen our iron, to have someone really pray for us, to have someone to fellowship with..etc.
    What a blessing you are brother! Thank you for serving our Father - for you are truly my brother! - Thank you!

  3. It's really something to have people listen to what God says through you, and to respond as you are. I'm humbled that the Father would use someone like me to help another brother or sister. Keep walking with Christ on the narrow road of fellowship, and He will give us true brothers and sisters who understand. In the middle of chaos, He will be our Rock.
    A. Brother

  4. Its not just those in the 'churches'. Wait until you have been betrayed, attacked and left for dead (spiritually) by those who you came out the churches with. With those whom you agree with every doctrine. With whom you have discussed every deception. Thats hard.


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