A. Brother

"Now if there is no resurrection...
why do we endanger ourselves every hour?
I die every day--I mean that, brothers--
just as surely as I glory over you in
Christ Jesus our Lord...
If the dead are not raised, 
'Let us eat and drink, for
tomorrow we die.'  
1 Cor. 29-32

Many of us who claim Christ live as if there is no resurrection.  We live as if there is no tomorrow, and all we have is today.  Many of us live as if Christ was not resurrected, never called us, and has no eternal Kingdom we are to be part of.  Sadly, many of us who claim Christ are living exactly as the world lives, chasing food and drink, fun, entertainments today, instead of dying to self and living the life of danger and difficulty on the narrow road with Christ Jesus.

This is the root of the decline of our so-called "Christian subculture" in America.  It has become really a copy of the world, with its own ways of entertaining itself, and its own worldly distractions.  We have lost our understanding of the resurrection of Christ, and what it means.

If Christ is not raised, then we are not raised.  If we do not go through the daily dying to self of being a disciple of Christ, then we will not experience resurrection power in our lives.  If we do not experience Christ in us, the only hope of glory, we might as well eat, drink and party like the pagans, because we have no more than they do.

Bow before the Lord Jesus today and ask Him to reveal Himself.  You will find that He points you to His example of daily dying to self, and resurrection by the power of His Spirit in your life.  If you are looking to leave the world, or pagan fleshianity (that much of the Christian world revels in) and really know Christ, He will look you in the eye today and say, "Come with me to Gethsemane and Golgotha, and die to the things of this world. Then you can begin to live, then I can begin to fill you with Myself.  Then can you do the will of My Father in Heaven, as I do His will."

Encourage one another today!  Christ is risen, and so are we, if we cling only to Him, and don't rely on the things of religion, or of this world.  He will keep us, He will bring us through.  Danger and difficulty are but part and  parcel of this resurrection life, and Christ within us is sufficient for all we face.


  1. Amen, I was reading a book and it was talking about how the American Dream is actually a stark contrast to that of Christ. the American dream says to believe in yourself and your work can take you to the heights of success, whereas Christ teaches us, nothing is possible without him, nothing. As we are seeing now, the reality is those most unaffected by this downturn are true disciples of Christ. Not that they don't have issues like anyone else, but they have the hope that any issue the encounter is an opportunity to Glorify God. I feel this is the key to life, Hope in Christ and not of our own abilities and every opportunity Glorify God. From past experiences, and as you have stated, I am terrible at running my life, I settle for the things of this world which bears no fruit. I am spiritually bankrupt without Christ. Today I may not have money but I have Christ and daily seek to invest in my time in heaven and not of this pitiful world. I believe he has overcome death and will honor our choices, do you chose to invest in this life or do you chose to invest in your time in heaven? I have heard someone say that the old testament is the equation and the New Testament is the answer when explaining the Bible, I also think that applies to our lives, this life is the equation and our afterlife will be the answer to that equation. God Bless, thank you for this teaching today, I needed it.

  2. As you noted in my Blog, I'm VERY opinionated and always have an opinion on everything :) I enjoyed your post, and thought of Revelation 3:14-22. The reason why most Christians live everyday the same without any "God-experience" is because we are blessed with health, money, comforts and life without trials. God tells, us that we are Luke-warm and are disgusting to Him. So he tells us to buy 3 things: Gold, White garments and Eye salve. The very first thing God says is Buy GOLD! What's gold? FAITH how do we get faith? by FIRE or Tribulation. If you really want To be in God's will, ask him for a Trial, ask him for tribulation, because when you are in the midst of fire, you will know who you're God is and serve him with Fevor and awe, and you will have your "God-Experience" I won't go into the other things, but we need to get on our knees and ask (as stupid as that sounds) ask, ASK! God for gold.

    Just another opinionated opinion from me :)

  3. All we have to do is follow the leading of the spirit, no more no less. Father will bring tests when he decides they are necessary.

    If you feel like you are working at it, your working for it. Jesus came to give you rest from you own works.


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