Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I'm impressed by the Spirit to write something to all of us.  Scripture is full of instances where evil triumphed because God's people were silent.  In this age, the noise of paganism is deafening.  The babble from religious apostates is everywhere.  The "traffic noise" on the Broadway of destruction is so loud that a man can hardly hear himself think.  The hum and clank of the world's kingdom machinery is bouncing off every wall.  The prince of darkness, the prince of the power of the air, is conducting a symphony of discord and wicked acts among his enslaved billions with a renewed energy that comes from his fear of God and our Christ.

Satan is reeling with the knowledge that a few determined disciples can turn the world upside down by the simple power of Christ within them, as they follow in the footsteps of their Lord, who came to destroy the works of the devil, and calls His few chosen to do the same.  Satan knows that a few men and women who obey Christ, and give out His Word, and cling to Him alone--though they have no earthly station or standing, and no worldly platform from which to speak--are his worst enemies, and can cause more damage to his plans than an army of religious warriors.

This Word to me today is like a massive bomb detonating in my soul.  How can I express all that God wants to say to us.  It's past my ability.

Speak out.  No longer are you to remain silent, brothers and sisters.  You are Christ's alone, and your life is in Him, and with Him, and His Kingdom suffers through your restraint.  You feel unworthy, your feel insignificant.  All around us are men and women fabricating their big ministries, their large organizations, their churches that have reached mammoth proportions.  Every day our souls are vexed with the lukewarm, easy gospel of "fleshianity" and "churchianity" we witness.  Every day we cry out to the Lord God to declare His Word to the world, and to the apostate churches.

Yet God calls us to speak.  No matter your ability, your language, your culture, your situation in life.  We are Christ's alone, and He is in us to the pulling down of mighty strongholds of the enemy.  It has nothing to do with our power, or the strength of our arms, or the speed of our legs.  It is all Him, and He will prevail, as His Word goes out from His own few chosen ones, as it did with 12 faithful men in the beginning.

Do you have a voice?  Did He not give you a mind, and a heart after Christ?  Does He require you to be perfect?  Just look through Hebrews 11 and try to find a perfect man or woman in there.  These are the examples He gives us.  So that we can be bold, and fearless, trusting only in Christ in this evil day.

You are part of His Body, no matter where you are, and what you are.  You are those He has chosen to be "the fullness of Him who fills everything in every way." (Eph. 1:23)

"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."  (Eph. 2:10)

These good works include speaking out every day in Christ, being His mouth as well as His hands and feet.  Right now there is an epidemic of Christians who are trying to do the "religious things" by splattering their own creativity out there--wanting to be in the arts and music, to compose and record, or paint, or write poetry and lyrics, or design churches, or build big things for God.  Yet He calls us to the simple life, and to give up all our own passions for the Word of God and for Christ's work in this world.

We must speak out.  You must let God loosen your tongue, to speak only His Word, and to share His Word with others.  If you can write, then write, and if you can speak then speak.  Speak out and write out to the extent of your faith.  Pray for more faith, so that we may all experience the power of God's Word, going out among us to accomplish His purposes.

Many are babbling.  But few are speaking the simple truths of God's Word.  Many are writing, but few are writing only what the Word tells us.  Many are singing, but few sing only what is truth from the Word.

Let go of your own talent, let go of your own desires for accomplishment, and just give out the pure meat of the Word in any way you can.

Speak out, brothers and sisters.  God wills it.  God is commanding us.  Do not let the world and its charms, or the world and its dangers, nor the churches and their pressure to conform, stop you from hearing and speaking the pure Word of Christ.

Love in Christ to all who faithfully cling to His Word,
A. Brother


  1. If we are to speak out, we need only open our mouths and he will fill it. We don't need to get ourselves worked up into a froth about it, he wills the time and the place and the words, we only have to have the courage to follow the leading of the Spirit.

  2. I love this message. I find that the more we ignore the Holy Spirit urging us to speak out or "go fishing" the easier it becomes to ignore the Holy Spirit all together. I guess what is happening in Christianity today is the same as what is happening in America today. Everyone is so interested in "whats in it for me," and therefore our Churches have turned from places where truth is rarely spoken and the message gets watered down, the purpose is to not offend anyone so they come back and maybe throw some money in the plate. I feel your discontent with this and I too have it. When man? When? Will we as followers of Christ do what he has asked. Run the race to win as Paul says. I feel too many times people think Church is about them and not realizing it is supposed to be a place to be fed to feed others, a training session, if you will, to go out and fill the Great Commission, WIN PEOPLE TO CHRIST. Once again you are speaking what is on my heart. God Bless, thank you, we need many more people who will risk it all to fulfill God's purpose for all of us. Win everyone back to him for his Glory.

  3. Risking it all is the point, as you say, my friend. Being willing to risk, and speak out when others stay silent. Christ in us will give us boldness to speak His sure Word in love. Like the apostles did in their day, we must now do in ours.

  4. Dear Brother,
    Just a few weeks ago, here in this town we live in, we had a man come to preach to us. This man spoke on Jeremiah and how God called him. God told Jeremiah that he was chosen to be a prophet but Jeremiah said - (Jeremiah 1:6-8) that he didn't know how to speak and that he was still just a youth. But God saw through His excuses and answered him and said - Do not fear them.
    Dear brother, I am dedicated to work here with my husband and I must admit that I fear their faces. I fear rejection, mockery, laughter, and I don't know what else. There is a huge idol in the middle of the little town we work in and God has been telling me to confront those who use witchcraft and divinations around that idol.... but I keep telling God that I'm not ready. Partly I know that there is a demon sitting on that idol, a powerful demon and I don't think I have the strength to confront that demon, and the other part is, I worry what I would say to those people.
    You say to speak out and yes, you are right, I shamefully bow my head because I'm terrified. I know that I can do all things through Christ, but those are words easier to say than to do. I wonder how many other Christians out there are afraid too? My husand and I have planned to fast and pray and obey when God tells us it's time, but I'll be honest.... I'll be trembling in my shoes when that time comes. I Agree dear brother, now is the time to speak out, now is the time to proclaim Jesus, .... I just wish I had more courage. Thank you, for reminding me of our duty. May God bless you and keep you!

  5. Dear Sister and Brother in Peru:
    Don't be afraid of your fear. We are all full of fear. Even the Lord Jesus sweat drops of blood and wept before His Father when called on to follow through. However, let me say this to you. Remember that it was for these pagan people, addicted to witchcraft and idolatry, that God sent His Christ. He loves each of them, and only wants you to speak to them. The idol standing there is a mute reminder of the powerlessness of the enemy. He must govern with fear over these poor people, when God gives you His power of love and mercy and grace to reach them. Serve these people first, showing them Christ's life in you, and then, God will give you the opportunity to share His Word with them. That is speaking out, that is being Christ to them. This is what I believe the Lord Jesus wants us to do when we confront paganism and idolatry. I know this. That in America, we have the same situation. Many around me worship and give homage to their shrines of wealth, comfort, sensual indulgence, and many other sins every day. The demons sit and laugh at them. But we have the truth of Christ. At work, we must love these people, and in our neighborhoods we must love them. In Christ we speak out kindly whenever an opportunity arises to share with them the contrasting hope we have in this present darkness. This is our speaking out, just as surely as preaching a sermon on the streetcorner, and is just as surely more effective.

    Blessings on you in your hard work for the Lord Jesus in your chosen place,
    A. Brother

  6. Barbie,

    I am praying for you that you see that the fear you have is natural but also a way of those demons and Satan keeping you at bay. I am with A.Brother, you are to come in love and just serve these pagan worshipers. Also know that the demon on that idol is so terrified of you because it knows you bring Christ. It knows it is defenseless against Christ, no power, not even a drop. Think of the story of Christ approaching in Matthew 8:28-33. The demons were screaming, why have you come? That demon is terrified way more than you are. Know this. You have the power of Christ which conquers all. Also remember Matthew 10:28, I know it is harder to put into practice but it is from Christ. With prayer,

  7. Great comments. I love the honesty. The demons tremble in fear when we walk in Christ's love and power, and not our own. Strength to all in Christ Jesus today...


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