A. Brother

            This morning I’m reminded of my work, which is to work with teachers and educators of all kinds, and bring them into Master of Education programs that will help them become highly-effective and transformational leaders within their particular places in the educational community.

            The most popular program I represent is one called The Inclusive Classroom, which was formerly Special Education.  This Master’s degree is designed for teachers who want to understand and learn how to work with children of all kinds in the same classroom, which situation many are facing today.  Gifted are there.  Average students are there.  And those with different kinds of learning challenges are there.  All together.  All with different needs.

            I am continually amazed at the passion and love that most of the teachers have toward these kids in their needy state.  It’s what drives most of them to be educators in the first place, and when I open conversations with the question, “So, why did you become a teacher?” it opens the floodgates of the heart for them, and they tell me in passionate detail how much they love these children and want to help them. 

            Perhaps it’s because they are mothers, and God created them with that great capacity to love any child, no matter how different or difficult.  But this picture is stirring, and full of God in His mercy and love.  I have had that example in my own wife in front of me now for many years, who will do anything to love and help her children, and woe to the man or woman who tries to hurt them!

            The true Church of Christ, His own bought-and-paid-for people, His own nation, His own Temple, are to love one another like this.  In His true Church, the One Church made up of all who follow Christ on the narrow road, there are all types, and all backgrounds, and all levels of ability, and unique individuals of many appearances and personalities, and all are to be loved toward a rich, full life in Christ.  Our leaders and teachers are to embrace every one of these “little ones” no matter their age, their station in life, whether rich or poor, slave or free.  And together we are to be built by the love of God into a Temple that holds the Spirit of Christ, and therefore shows the principalities and powers of this world and the heavenly realms that Christ is Lord.

            This is Christ’s All-Inclusive Classroom.  This is the rich, diverse Kingdom of God.  Our leaders should be men of compassion and love for all.  Our membership should be taught to help everyone, no matter who they are, to see the love and grace of God in themselves.  And we should, each one of us, be Christ to the others.

            Then we will experience the all-encompassing, all-embracing, all-powerful love of God like we want it.  The Inclusive Classrooms in our educational systems can be pictures of this love, and we should look on them, where these fine, dedicated teachers are working every day, as imperfect snapshots of what riches are in store for the Body of Christ when we decide that God’s Way for His Church is the right way.

A. Brother
July 3, 2011



  1. Blessings to you brother....
    In Yahshua with love,

  2. Thank you, sister. Blessings back to you in Christ our Lord!


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