Today, we need focus on Christ alone.
There is noise and bustle.  There are people around us.  We work with our hands, our minds, our bodies, speaking and dealing and being part of the fabric of life around us.  We carry things, sweat, strain, and fix things. We do commerce, and go to market, and drive in traffic.  We talk and have meals, and we do the things we must do to live in this world.  We see bad things, and know the sources and sting of sin constantly within our view.  We hate the world, yet we love it, too.  All this is mist, and as generation after generation has passed away, their time gone, their business shut down, their time used up, their bodies dust, Christ remains.
For those who seek Him, He will be there.
For all of us who are focused on Him, He is there.
For His own sheep, He speaks, and we follow.
In the noise and busyness of life, we follow.
We die to all this, and live only to Him.
While we do these things, we love, we hope, we have faith.
This is our calling, to be in the world, but not of it.
Today, listen to your Shepherd's voice, and let Him live in you, through you,
by His resurrection power.
That's all that counts.
All else is dust and mist.

Your brother,
A. Brother


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