Text:  Romans 1:14-32

Highlight:  "...since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them."  (1:19)

The world is a mess, and we all know it.  There are some around us that keep their heads in the sand or in the clouds, and so refuse to admit it.  However, they are in the minority.  Usually they are either affluent, and enjoying the fruits of their affluence, or they have decided to give up and party-hearty, having the philosophy of "eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die."

Some have trouble reconciling the evil around us with God.  They look at the world and wonder how God could allow such depravity.  They say He must not exist, because there is no evidence of His existence.

Hogwash.  Excuses.  Deflection.  Denial.  Pointing fingers at God, when God has given mankind everything he needs to know that He exists, and that He is a good God, who expects good things from mankind.  Not one man or woman, whether the most remote pagan in isolated cultures, or the most modern, educated person in the most advantaged of cultures, will be able to stand in the final day and accuse God of not giving us enough to learn about Him.

That is what this passage is about.  Knowing that God has given mankind every indication of His divine nature through what is in the world.  Creation speaks of the glory and wisdom of God.  Every leaf, every small creature, every baby, every small child, every spark of love between people, every fantastic discovery about the diversity and fragility of life, every mountain, every valley, every star, every moon, every new planet, every
friendship, every cloud, every storm.  Every one of them speaks of God's incredible creativity, His care for the tiniest detail, His wonderful love.

Men are without excuse, God says.  And so, in mankind's descent into darkness, God has given him over to evil.  He has given mankind over to sexual perversions and sins, to foolish worship of the creation rather than the Creator.  He has given mankind over to shameful lusts, even to the lowest lusting of men for men and women for women.  He has given mankind over to their depraved minds, and they are full of a huge list of all sorts of terrible character flaws, including hatred, greed, and malice.

This is the state of the world.  Recently the President of the United States gave His annual State of the Union address.  In it, he goes over the condition of the nation in every aspect.  He gives what he thinks is the solution to the problems we face.

God has given us His State of the World address in Romans 1.  This is the most succinct and clear definition of mankind's situation in every aspect that a person could find.  This is God's clear pronouncement of why He is justified in revealing His wrath from heaven against mankind. (1:18)  He is justified, because mankind has every opportunity to know Him, and to seek Him, but has chosen to ignore Him, hate Him, refuse His offers of reconciliation, and mankind has turned away from what he knows is right, to pursue his own lusts, and his own evilness.

Don't be swayed by arguments to the contrary about "poor mankind" and how God is so unjust.  Understand this passage, and you will gain great wisdom regarding the affairs of this planet.

In Christ,
A. Brother


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