Just as the Kingdom of God is within us (per Jesus' own Word), so true "revival", which means returning to the Lord, is within us.  Many today look for outward signs of revival.  Many want signs and wonders and visions and dreams, and new prophecies, and great movements.  But, just as God is in the soft whisper of wind in the mountains, so the Holy Spirit brings true revival when there is true repentance and quiet acquiescence to the will of God.

"Rend your hearts, and not your garments.  Return to the Lord your God..." Joel 2:13

It is the tearing of our hearts, the broken and contrite heart, that brings the Spirit of God in fresh ways into our lives and churches.  It is not a show of outward contrition, or loud prayers, or beating of the breast.  It is our true, inward turning to the Lord in repentance that brings about revival.

It has nothing to do with outward show.

Do we want revival?  Then we will fall to our knees with broken hearts over our own sins and over the sins of God's people around us.  Then we will begin to see God work.

He is waiting for our heart condition to manifest itself.  Then He will heal it, and we will find the joy of our salvation restored.


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