Where is the love of Christ?

In America, it is hard to discern anywhere.  In America, the churches have forsaken seeking the Lord, except in gloriously self-absorbed worship that is more about our ability to make great music and preach great sermons than about the lowly Christ who walks among us.

There is more love in one little child of 3 years old for his parents, than in most mega-churches of 10,000 people for their Lord Jesus.

We know nothing of sacrifice and service on the altar of God.  We think that volunteering a couple of hours a month in a community service activity qualifies us for sainthood.  We think bringing a casserole dish to church potluck gives us brownie points in heaven.  We think that our faithful attendance, our faithful tithing, our "just showing up" all the time for church puts our name in the Lamb's Book of Life.

But Christ is not stupid, nor is He a man, that we should fool Him with our lip-service and our religious fakery.  He knows our hearts.  He knows every last thought, and what our hearts covet and fight for.  He knows our lust and our greed, and our pride.  He knows our love for ourselves, and our position, our affluence, our lifestyle.  

We build temples and idols of stone and brick and glass to our own religious wonderfulness.  We schedule and meet, and plan and plan and raise money for this or that project, in small towns and large cities, and off-handedly ask for the blessing of God on it.  We give to ourselves, so that we can have comfortable surroundings in which to practice our "devotion" to Christ.

He says He is tired of it all.  He has tried to get our attention for many years now--decades and decades--yet we persist in running off after every new invention, and spread our legs for worldly idols under every green tree.  Our American society has more churches and ministries than at any time in  history, yet less spiritual power among so-called believers.  We have told Christ we will marry Him, and be bound to Him alone, and then we have run off like unfaithful Israel and prostituted ourselves to worldly ideas and ambitions on every streetcorner, in every office, in every home, in every church.

Christ will act.  He is taking action now.  He is Lord, and no power can stand against Him or His will.  This will is that we know Him, and that the "one thing" we possess is our love for Him.  He will strip away all else we cling to if necessary, because of His great love for us.  He has called and called, and we have ignored His cries of love for His lost Bride.

Now comes a grinding, and a sifting, which Satan has been asking for of Christ.  Our Lord is saying, "Yes, Satan, you have my permission to sift them like wheat, and I will pray for them that they will hold to Me alone."  Like Peter, some of us will deny Him, but know His forgiveness in that denial.  We will discover that we were weak and cowardly, and we will be faced with our own sinfulness as never before.

Some of us will stand.  

Like the boys as young as 5 years old, and up through their teens, who, when rebel forces told them to recant their faith in Christ, sang and held hands while the men took machetes and rifles and cut them and beat them to death.  This happened a few years ago in Africa, and has been repeated countless times in these past decades there.

Like the North Korean Christians who are not allowed to meet or own Bibles, upon penalty of death.  Yet who wallpaper a country shack with an old Bible they find, and meet there secretly to grow together in Christ at risk of their lives, so they can read the walls and learn Scripture.

So many others.  And we in America will eventually join them, if not now in death, at least in suffering outlaw status to come.  Christ is working, and we must obey Him.  

He never intended our luxury.  We chose it over Him.  We ignored His Word, and honored ourselves.  We boast of so many things other than Christ alone.

Christ acts now on our behalf.  Please stay strong, and comfort and encourage one another to stay firm in Him.

Pray for us in America, brethren in other countries.  Unlike some of you, who've been raised and found Christ in a hostile environment, American Christians are fat and lazy, and have not suffered and become lean, hardened soldiers of the cross.  We need your prayers and support to learn these lessons.

To all who seek Christ, and whom are chosen in Him,
Your Brother,
A. Brother


  1. I can not understand the american experience of being a Christian, it seems like if you are it gets you respect and opens doors for you. Where I live and its not Africa or N Korea by any means you are ridiculed as a fool and an idiot as our culture is post-christianity, secular humanist. (a western nation)

    I have had people say to me 'how can you be so intelligent and be a christian' or ' its time to stop this nonsense' or from my long time best friend after finding out my conversion 'i think you have been brain washed'. She has since cut all contact, and that was a friendship of over 25 years.

    I am avoided by non-believers and believers alike, as I am out of the system. I have not yet resisted unto the shedding of blood, only unto the shedding of tears.

    In my country being a christian makes you a freak it certainly does not open doors or give you a good reputation.

    The fight that you and truth in scripture have is waking up 'christians', where I live there are hardly any people that go to church apostate or not.

  2. Thank you for your honesty, Sister Anonymous. American churches and ministries have sought to remain in the "mainstream" of our culture by modifying the way we talk of Christ, and of our Christian walk. We have watered down the gospel to the point that it is not the gospel handed down to us. We want to be regarded as wise, not foolish. We want to be regarded as intellectually on par with the world. We want our lifestyles to blend in, so as not to be called "old fashioned" or "fundamentalist". We are taunted in the media, and made fun of in movies and entertainments openly now.

    I believe you must be holding fast to Christ, because you are receiving the rejection He suffered. Remember, at the end, nobody was there with Him. Everyone stood at a distance and watched His suffering. Even after He died, all waited behind closed doors, at least the 120 or so that were left out of thousands.

    We MUST learn to cling only to Christ, and to have the joy of His resurrection. Remember that the disciples, after being filled with the Spirit, went out with joy and proclaimed the good news in the face of violent opposition. Let us go out with Jesus, outside the gates of the world, outside the gates of religious Christianity, and suffer, and gain the joy of Christ in ourselves.

    Your brother,
    A. Brother


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