"Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it."
Jesus Christ in Matt. 10:39

We have many who are finding their lives now.  Christians who have decided that NOW is more important to them than a future with Christ.  Many chase after security in the guise of preparedness.  Many chase after religious ecstasies in the guise of spiritual power.  Many chase after material blessings in the guise of God's will.

However, Christ is not fooled by this trickery.  He calls His true ones to a willing daily death.  Our lives are hidden with Christ in God.  We do not worry about this life, nor do we chase after the things of this world and love them and covet them.  We do not place our treasures in earthly vaults, or build to our own vanities.

Brothers and sisters, it is time to come out from among the pagans and be separate.  We may work with the lost, and eat with the lost, and love the lost, yet we may not be "of them" in the sense that our lives are with Christ, and His life is in us, and we cannot live in their world.  They may abuse you and make fun of you, yet you must stay with Jesus.

He who seeks to save what he is and has in this world will lose it.  He who gives up his striving after worldly things and seeks only to do the will of the Father will save His life.

Simple truth today, and great comfort to those who truly seek Christ.

Your brother,
A. Brother


  1. A simple truth, but an extremely important one. There are alot of believers today getting sucked into pagan beliefs and Christianity has become a mixture. Either a mixture of the law, or a mixture of false spiritual gifts.

    bless you brother!

  2. you mention pagans..wendyworn...I know a few pagans and I do not judge them...many of them are not seekers after wealth..and many of them do charity work and they also believe in the wisdom of Jesus Christ in their own way..they do not worship" the devil" but are very moral and upright people who make valuable contributions to the society as a whole...in fact ..as a whole , they maybe living closer to the true way than many "half-hearted" christians so before you cast the first stone and blame pagan worship for the ills of the world maybe you had better realize that so many ills of the world have been commited by those who claim to be " christian" yet actually do the work of darkness. Killing in the name of christianity is the worst of all sins...condemnation in the name of christ in my opinion thwarts all that the True Master taught..maybe it's time to rethink..and look at the world with a little bit less "self -righteousness"

  3. Dear Anonymous:

    Let's make clear that we are talking here to those who claim to be Christians. The name itself has come to mean nothing, as it is used for any who sit in a "Christian church", or who list Christianity as their "religion of choice".

    I am speaking to those who claim Christ, yet have not become His bondservants, wholly given to Him. Because Christ never ordered his servants to kill anyone. His servants and true followers do not mount religious crusades to win lands and fortunes. His true disciples give their lives for others!

    The truth is this: paganism means godlessness. Those who love, who show kindness, who give themselves to others, show that they know God to a certain extent. John says this in his first letter. Paul says it in Romans, when he says that those who've never heard the gospel, but who follow the laws of God in their hearts show that these commands (Love God and love your neighbor) have been written in all mankind's hearts in some ways.

    It is our privilege to live lives full of the love and purity of Christ, so that those many pagans who live around us can see Him, and be drawn to Him.

    True disciples never look down upon those who don't know Christ. They are humble, and consider others better than themselves.

    The very real problem is the name Christianity has been linked to various terrible acts by some evil men who used the name of Christ to justify their evil. They were not of Christ.

    No self-righteousness here. Only Christ, and His humility, and His love for this sad, lonely, broken, pagan world. Look at the suffering around us, and the lack of hope in the world.
    When the pagans revile us, and hate us for the name of Christ, what should we do? We should love, as Christ commanded us. His love for the world, laying down his life for us when we were godless sinners, is our example. So should we lay down our lives for the world.

    Thank you for your passionate comments. May the Lord Jesus Christ guide us into His truth, and may we not compromise our walk with the watered-down half-truths being thrown around out there in the name of Christ today in many places.

    A. Brother

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    You say, "...they (pagans) also believe in the wisdom of Jesus Christ in their own way..."

    We humans do not have the option of our "own way". Our own way is death. Salvation is only through Jesus, not in His wisdom nor our own way, but by His shed blood.

    You say, "...they (are) very moral and upright people who make valuable contributions to the society..."

    Morality and uprightness by our own works in "society" are not the answer. Surrender to God through His Son Jesus is the only way.

    You say, "...the True Master..."

    Who is this "True Master"? If you are being lead by anyone other than Jesus you are being deceived. If you are being taught anything aside from or in addition to what the scriptures teach you are being deceived.

    Make absolutely certain that you are hearing from the Father by the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus. Ask this "True Master" his real name, in the name of Jesus. From what you've said I challenge that it is not of God.



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