TEXT:  Judges 9

Here Jotham, the son of Gideon, tells a story.  He is seeing Gideon's tribe chasing after leadership, frantically searching for the one who will lead them against their foes.  Gideon had been the vessel God used to deliver Israel from its enemies by His grace.  Now, the people, after Gideon's death, had gone back immediately to serving the Baals.  They were surrounded by enemies again, and so needed help, but instead of rooting down deep into God, they went looking for human leadership.  A warrior of great stature who would lead them into battle.

God's leaders are like the olive tree, the fig tree, and the vine.  They are busy producing fruit, and can't leave their labors for Christ to head up some new movement.  They are the true leaders, who lead by example.

Today we have a repeat of this story.  Those who claim to follow Jesus are chasing after leaders, and the ones they pick tend to be like the thornbush in the story, which is fiery, and sharp, and burns brightly with a great crackling for a time.  However, when you attempt to sit in its shade, you find thorns.  And it burns out quickly, producing charred ashes.

Christ is our leader.  Put your roots down deep into Him.  He will produce the fruit of righteousness through you, it is not of your own doing.  His Spirit will do the work of the Father, and you will bear "much fruit", the fruit of the Spirit that comes through Christ alone.  

We can do nothing of ourselves.  Choose for yourself examples from the fruit-bearing among God's people, and emulate and follow them.  They are our leaders in Christ, who lead by their lives and their love.


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