"And we are His house, if we hold onto our courage and hope of which we boast."
Heb. 3:6

There are several important times in this passage when the word IF comes into play.  Many times we who claim Christ as Lord want to ignore the "IF" word in Scripture.  Here is one place that defines why our churches are often dormant, dying or dead.

IF we hold onto our courage, and IF we hold onto the hope we have only in Christ, then we are God's Household, His own People, a Holy Nation, a Body for Christ.  And in these days, many of our so-called Christian churches are weak and afraid, compromising with the world around them in order to avoid conflict.  Many are "weak and sickly, and some have fallen asleep" as Paul says about what had happened to the churches in Corinth, that great center of commerce in his day.

Many of our churches are not only cowardly, but they have left our One and Only Hope, who is Christ the Lord, and have chased after many other "spiritual" things.  They chase after gifts, talents, entertainments, great preaching, big buildings, and comfortable surroundings.  They have abandoned their first love, Christ, who calls them to sacrifice and selflessness, and instead have focused on themselves, and their own religious ideas.  We have more books and shows flowing out of Christendom these days than any time in history, and yet far less power and potency in the Spirit of God.

Has God left the house?  Yes, sadly in many cases.  Yet He has not left His House.  The Household of God is made up of all those who hold onto the courage that is in Christ, and make Him our only Hope.  He is the One and Only of the Father (John 1), and He is Head of His Household.  He will see us through, IF we hold to these things.

Brothers and sisters, today, let's not harden our hearts.  Let's listen and hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.  (Rev. 3)

Your Brother,
A. Brother


  1. The great and vast deception is the perversion of the word "church" as the house of God and what it should have been "Ekklesia", meaning "the called out ones". No brother, these buildings and those who attend rely on the pomp and circumstance of their structured, organized, stained glass window agendas, to avoid being the real house of God. This is that which remains of the old Babylonish system we are instructed by scripture to depart from. He used to wink at our ignorance and now he is calling all to repentance. God always has determined a total consumption of this spiritual land, that has always been the case. Now the only thing left is, what do you love, fellowship with one another and Christ, or "the church". It's your choice and your salvation at stake, go with the harlot or with Christ!


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