"For you this whole vision is nothing but words sealed in a scroll."
Isaiah 29:11

Isaiah 29 is a powerful Word from the Lord about His people Israel.  We are those people.  

God tells us here that He brings His people down to the dust with suffering, in order to lift them up to the heights with Him.  God tells us here that He allows us to be "brought low", so low that "out of the dust your speech will whisper."
In other words, we are face down in the dirt, unable to even speak out loud.  We are so down that the bottom looks like up, as the old saying goes. (vs. 1-4)

He allows our enemies to encircle us and to besiege us.  We are taken down by those who oppose us.  Shamed and hurt by those who should be our allies.  Abandoned by those who are supposed to love us.

During this time, we often lack faith, and stumble, and the Lord seems far away.  We are blind and deaf.  We lay in the dust and complain, like Job.
We don't understand.

Yet, in a "very short time", which to us seems long and arduous and terrible,
the Lord will deliver us from our oppressors, and we will see and hear and understand what seems to us a mystery now.

"...in that day the deaf will hear the words of the scroll, and out of gloom and darkness the blind will see". (vs. 18).

It is this very humbling that results in growth.  It is being brought low that kills the old man, and crucifies the flesh.  It is the only way to Christ in us.  It is the Narrow Gate, the Narrow Road, the way that only those who truly want Jesus will tread.

For those of us who suffer humiliation today, I pray we will be willing to find the joy in humility.  That we will begin to embrace the pain, as an enabling agent sent to bring us power in Christ.  It is only by the pain of a bloody crucifixion that we experience the power of a resurrected life.

It is by the things we would avoid at all costs if we could, that we benefit.

Christ told His disciples many things when He was with them.  It wasn't until they had gone through their own suffering later that they understood much of it.  They had heard, but they were deaf to the words of the scroll.  It was only through the gloom and darkness of persecution that they became wise and understanding, strong and stable, built on the Rock, who is Christ Himself.

Blessings on those of you who are laid low today.  May we look up from the dust and mumble whatever praises to our Lord we can muster.  May we find joy in our trials, as James talks about.  May we listen and hear, may our eyes be opened to God's faithfulness.  The results are good!

"Those who are wayward in spirit will gain understanding; those who complain will accept instruction."  Isaiah 29:24


  1. I am such a coward with pain. God has laid me low with discomfort. This is chastisement for refusing to have trust in him for protection and other issues, I am physically paying the price for my double-mindedness and lack of faith. I ask for more faith but because I am double minded I recieve not. Anxiety is a curse and I could go to Egpyt (doctors) and get drugs that will seem to take it away, make me more comfortable or I can work through it with God and feel the result of my disobedience.

    I appreicate this post today.

    Thank you.

    A sister in Christ

  2. Sister in Christ:

    There is a "balm in Gilead" that soothes every pain. That is Christ Himself, who does not condemn us for our past, but is our substitute in paying for these sins. It is so hard to let go of our sense of guilt and shame. Especially when we are paying the price for these sins in this world. But Christ is there with you, in you, and you are in Him. He will soothe your pain if you let Him. Go to Him, He is sufficient.

    A. Brother

  3. When I had gone through exactly what you are describing, I learned to say, I deserved it because of my own sin. I laid out my life before God and told him that if it was his will for me to die, it would be ok. We are very blessed if this happens in a way that brings us to his living truth and settles in our hearts to love not our lives unto death, knowing that dead men do not bring glory to God on earth. Those who remain faithful to the hore, what will they do when God leaves them?


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