One of the greatest truths we miss is that rest is the result of faith.  Today, we must remember the example God gives us of two contrasting outcomes.

First, the Israelites.  In Joshua 21:43-45 we see the end result of God's work in their lives after He delivered them from Egypt.  They received rest on every side. They were protected from their enemies, and they were living in the good land God had promised them.  So God fulfilled every good promise to them He had made.

But in Hebrews 4, we are reminded by the writer of Scripture that there were many Israelites who never made it that far.  They never got to God's resting place.  Their bodies were buried in the deserts that came before the Promised Land.  Why?  Because they didn't accept God's Way of fulfilling His promises.

So for many today.  Their bodies will be strewn about the deserts of disobedience that come from lack of faith.  They will never enter God's rest, it says in this passage in Hebrews, because, like the Israelites in the desert, they persisted in their unbelief.  It is faith that brings us rest.

Today, let's not harden our hearts, as the writer of Hebrews reminds us three times in this passage.  Let's soften our hearts before God and realize that ALL GOD'S PROMISES ARE FULFILLED IN CHRIST.  

CHRIST IS GOD'S PROMISED LAND FOR US TODAY.  God's rest is here, but we must, by faith appropriate the final promise, which is taking Christ's yoke upon us, and learning from Him, for His yoke is not heavy.  His burden is light.  And in Him "you will find rest for your souls", Christ says to us.

Only in Christ, not in religious striving, will we find rest.

Your Brother, 
A. Brother


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