A. Brother

“So whether you eat or drink,
or whatever you do,
do it all for the glory of God.”
1 Cor. 10:31

“Nobody should seek his own good,
but the good of others.”
1 Cor. 10:24

“Man is an end to himself.”
Ayn Rand

Do we understand the depth of separation from the Truth that has taken place in our modern societies over the past century?  From my observation most of us who claim Christ are at least partially swimming in the Sea of Self that has engulfed our land.  This flood of man-worship has infected nearly all we do and believe, and must be called out for what it is: a tool of Satan to keep men, women and children focused on worldly foolishness, instead of on Christ and His Kingdom.

Ayn Rand lived during nearly the entire span of the 20th century, and was a voice of so-called “reason”, “individualism” and “objectivism” that influenced generations of Americans.  Posthumously, her Ayn Rand Institute carries on her ideas and philosophies, seeking to instill in young people especially her brand of self-worship. 

She is just one of a host of men and women who’ve paraded across our social landscape in these past decades, preaching a gospel of self-focus and self-fulfillment, and the result is what we’re seeing around us today.  Selfishness has always been the hallmark of Satan’s prophets, and the fruits of this evil philosophy litter the highways of human history. 

Everything is about self, and about the attainment of whatever that self wants, from the worship of self-pleasure and money, to the worship of self-fulfillment, to the worship of self-focused idols of every kind, including possessions, beauty, educational achievement, and church-achievement.  At every level of this contest, we hear the churches chiming in, seeking to be “cool” and to pander to these selfish needs, rather than standing true to God’s Word, and ignoring the surging tides of society’s mad rush toward the brink.

We look at Rand’s bald statement above, and we contrast it with Scripture, and see immediately that it is falsehood of the most obvious kind.  Yet is it so obvious?  From all we practice, and many of the things we preach and teach in the churches, the conclusion might be drawn from a casual onlooker that we’re graduates of her institute.

Christians today fight for their “rights as individuals” on all fronts.  Politically, economically, socially—we engage with whatever party, left or right, we feel most represents our “selves”—or we fight as independents—but we fight for our rights. 

This fight consumes the energies and pocketbooks of millions, many of whom claim Christ.  It is easier to raise funds from “Christians” for a good political battle than to help a hurting family next door.  Ask anyone who’s been in that position. 

Cleaning out the cupboards of “old stuff” we won’t use and donating it is often the extent of our charity for the friend or stranger who is in dire need down the street or at church.  Yet we’ll whip out the checkbook to send our kids to the right private school, to remodel the kitchen, to maintain the expensive automobile we’ve chosen, or to elect the guy who’s going to support our stance on business in the upcoming contest.  We’ll never touch our retirement fund, thinking that will secure our future security, yet ignore the present needs of the poor, the sick, the hurting all around us.  How little we understand about God’s heart if we believe He approves of these attitudes and actions.

Christ Jesus gave up all His “rights” to come and be among us and save us.  We are called to the same life.  To live His life of “giving up” these rights.  Paul chose to give up his rights as an apostle, and as an individual, and follow Christ and win others to Christ.  (1 Cor. 9:12-33)  We must do the same. 

Everything we do is to be examined in this Light:  Does it bring glory to God?  Does it put other’s interests above my own?


  1. Thanks for the link, A.Brother.

    You've put your finger exactly on one of the great deceptions of American Christianity: our "rights."

    Our political culture teaches us we are entitled: "endowed" by God with "rights" which are "inalienable"...can't be taken away from us. And what are such "rights" but entitlements ?

    Could there be a mindset more destructive of "walking humbly with our God" ?

    In Jesus, Steve


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