Brothers and Sisters: 
The every day grind is what allows us to live out the life of Christ in His strength.  Perhaps you face menial and mundane tasks today.  Many of us do, and it is an honor and glory to do them ‘unto the Lord’ and with a glad heart.  I pray this will help you look at your ‘dailies’ with new joy.  This has always been a struggle for me, and I pray Christ will teach us these powerful truths.
A. Brother

T. Austin-Sparks

I can do everything through Christ,
who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13 NLT

Christ's spirituality was not that He was remote from what was practical in everyday life. It was that He was bringing heavenly forces and resources to bear upon the practical matters of everyday life.

You can wash doors, or clothes, or floors - or do any of these ordinary domestic things - in spirituality.

People seem to think that spiritual work and ordinary work - household work, for example - are two different things. They talk about the spiritual work and the other work. Now, you can bring heavenly resources in to do anything that is legitimate, and the doing of those things may be a testimony.

The majority of people have no occasion to draw upon heavenly resources for a platform ministry.

For the most part their work is of some regular, daily kind; and very often they feel utterly unable for it, and they are tempted to think that if they had some spiritual ministry to fulfill - if they had to go and take a meeting or speak to some souls about spiritual matters - they could make a claim upon the Lord for help and He would carry them through.

For the trivial round and common task such a thought is all too often wholly absent from the mind. Now, exactly the same resources have to come into the ordinary work as into what we call spiritual work. It has all to be done on a spiritual basis and therefore to be a testimony.

To get through an ordinary day's work often requires something more than ordinary human resources. Spirituality consists in our doing everything as out from heaven. Let us be careful how we draw a line, lest we make a distinction between the spiritual and "the rest."

By T. Austin-Sparks from: Boundless Heavenly Resources


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