A. Brother

“Lowborn men are but a breath,
the highborn are but a lie;
if weighed on a balance, they are nothing;
together they are only a breath.”
--Psalm 62:9

The whole earth and everyone on it, if weighed on a scale, comes to nothing.
God’s love, and His sure salvation, are limitless, having weight beyond any measurement our feeble minds can imagine.

Those around us who trouble us are a breath.  Evil men, who work against us and hurt us, are vapors.  Our momentary, light afflictions, which seem of great importance now, are actually lighter than air and will soon be over.

Yet God—His strength, His love, His character traits, His Personality—the Person of all Persons—goes on forever, without waning, without changing.

“God’s love endures forever…” the Psalmist states over and over again.  How important this is for us to grasp and make part of our thinking and our being.

Poverty, riches, good times, bad times, all of recorded and unrecorded history, and all our memories of our times lived here on earth—all will seem a fleeting, distant, feather-light-nothing as soon as time ceases and eternity begins.  When we enter God’s presence, all the other time- and space-bound things will fade into oblivion.

This is why we must give weight to heavenly things now.

Proper weights and measures are a concept taught us in school growing up.  We learn about how to use ounces, pounds, yards and miles.  Now we talk of another scale that uses grams, liters, meters and kilometers.  All are temporary, handy references for a temporary situation.

Yet proper weights and measures in life are the foundation stone that helps us build for eternity, not just for this short life now.  We must measure things by an eternal scale, building on rock, not sand.  And having God’s scale in hand, mind and heart helps us put every moment in perspective.

My worldly achievements mean nothing, unless they are done in the plan, wisdom and purpose of God.  Unless Christ does them through and in me.

God’s love and salvation are everything.  All my trust and hope must be in Him alone.

Thinking about history puts all in perspective.  Mighty human empires are dust.  Entire complex cultures have long disappeared as if they never existed.  Perhaps you’ve seen these places yourself, or at least the pictures carried back by a photojournalist.  The broken buildings, buried skeletal remains, fragments of a one-time thriving nation, full of cities, towns and farms.
The work, sweat, worry, aspiration, memories and combined energy of millions upon millions of individual people lie buried and forgotten today under sand, or jungle, or water.  Breath.  Vapor.  Silent. 

That is precisely the point of the Scripture above.
There is only One Kingdom that can never be shaken.  The King is enthroned, the culture thrives, the glories of His eternal realm never cease.  Every man, woman and child upon the earth is being or has been invited to become a citizen of this Eternal Country, without regard to their status here.
Our citizenship is in heaven, as we are reminded constantly in Scripture.

Oh, Lord God, who created time and space and other limitations for men so that we might know You, and need You, and see Your greatness and turn to You, we ask you to recalibrate our scales to Your eternal system of weights and measures.
May the tiniest, lightest Heavenly step I take outweigh all my human efforts.
May Your smile outweigh all the curses and hate of men toward me.  May a drop of Your love weigh more in my life than the heaped up praises or scorn of the multitudes.


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