For my brothers and sisters who come here for spiritual nutrition, I pray, Lord.  For my family members in the Body of Christ I intercede today.  In countries around the world,  in cities and small towns and on farms, I pray they would each seek You, putting their whole hearts and minds into knowing You.  That they would turn to Your Word, and find their food and drink in You.

Father, lift up Christ in us.  Exalt Your Son in us.  May His life and love, living water from the Spirit, flow into and through us to others today.  In our places of work, our homes, our families, our businesses, our gathering places, wherever You take us, may Christ be all, and may we be joined with Him branch in vine.

For those who suffer affliction, trial, loss, pain, I pray Your soothing ointment of love and kindness, mercy and grace.  Let them know Your healing hands on them.  That we can reach out, from our prison cells, from our Place of the Skull, our Gethsemanes and Golgothas, where our daily dying happens, and You will comfort.  You will strengthen, You will prevail in us.

Father, in Christ we pray for one another.  For my brothers and sisters who are far from me today, in places I've never been.  Gambia, and Denmark.  Latvia and India.  Nigeria and South Africa.  And for many who read this in places I have been, like Japan, and Singapore, France and Germany, Hungary and Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia and the US.  Wherever they are, Lord and Christ of all, be there with them in their particular situations.

I know You will never forsake them as they seek You today.


A. Brother


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