There is only one thing that counts for us today, and that is Christ.  He is all, and in all.  He is Lord, and that right now, not at some future time.  We live in Him, and move in Him,  and have our very beings in Him, many without even recognizing that He exists.  When we breathe, we are only breathing because He gives us breath.

Yet there are many who "live as enemies of the cross of Christ" as Paul states. (Phil 3:18)
Many among us who claim Christ, may go to church, may talk of being Christians, yet who chase after worldly things, as I did for many years.  These are not my brethren.  

You who don't make your bellies your gods, in other words, your appetites of the flesh do not drive and control you, are my brethren.  You who seek Christ above all are my brethren.  You who long to know all of Christ, to walk only by His Light, and His Word, who seek to do the works of Him who sends you every day, you are my brethren.

Sadly, many today defame the name of their Lord, who doesn't know them because they haven't begun to rest in Him, and lay down the heavy yoke of sin and pride and religious Christianity they have taken upon themselves.  They believe their striving will result in God's approval, or at least they hope that it will.  So sad.  For no striving at all on our part will win God's approval.

Only our focus and love for Him, and His Son, will win His approval...and love is what He wants from us.  A love that proves itself by obedience, walking "in the Light as He is in the Light". (1 John 1)

Today, I pray for all of us this focus on Christ alone.  He is the Father's focus, and the reason for all He does.  He is our only hope.  The shreds and tatters of religious Christianity will hang limp from dead hands in the end of all things.  There will be no endorsement of any religious striving from Christ, the King, when He leads His Kingdom armies in triumph over His foes, and we stand before His throne. 

Shed your tattered garments of religion and seek Christ today.

A. Brother


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