A. Brother

“Your boasting is not good.
Don’t you know that a little yeast
works through the whole batch of dough?
Get rid of the old yeast that you may be a new batch
without yeast—as you really are.”
1 Cor. 6:5

“’Be careful,’ Jesus warned them,
‘Watch out for the yeast of the Pharisees
and that of Herod.”
Mark 8:15

Bread was the staple of life for the people to whom Jesus and Paul spoke.  It was the essential ingredient of their diets.  They understood how important it was to  know how to make bread.

God had instructed the Jews to eat unleavened bread, which was bread made without yeast.  It was dense, and didn’t rise.  It wasn’t full of air, puffing it up, as our bread is.  Like some of the flatbreads you can buy today.

Jesus is warning us here of two kinds of yeast. 

The Pharisees were selling the yeast of legalism.  Today we have many who are trying to get you to add this yeast to your life in Christ.  Many sell this yeast, newly packaged, claiming that if you only add some Old Testament Law, some rules, some regulations, some religious words, some special days or festivals, that these will be just what you need to make your Christianity rise up and taste good.

Herod was selling another kind of yeast.  He represented the world.  The riches, pomp, ceremony, latest technology, political beliefs, power, business, social movements, and Rome, that hotbed of national pride and sinful reliance upon self.  Herod was one of the most self-focused, cruel, mean and hateful men ever to hold office in that part of the world.  He murdered three of his own sons, his wife, and thousands of small children, plus many others during his lifetime.  That is the world’s leaven.  Sin and self-focus.

But we have Christ, and need no leaven of any kind.  He is the bread of life, and needs no additives.  Any leaven will be our attempts to add something, and it always ruins the dough.

Let’s stop attempting to re-invent Christianity, and to improve upon the simple good news that was given to us.  Christ in us, and we in Christ.  His life without yeast, and as Paul says, that is “what you really are.”

What a great a freeing truth!

Your brother,
A. Brother


  1. "Then they understood that He did not say beware of the leaven of bread, but of the teaching/doctrine of the Pharisees and Sadducees."
    [Matthew 16:12]

    Was the doctrine of the Pharisees "legalism"? When Jesus calls them out [ref: Matthew 23], it was not for holding out the law of God to keep, but for adding to the law while not being in-line with it themselves. This, brother, is more hypocrisy & presumption, than to legalism.

    This article shorts humility, as even you also are living a 're-invented Christianity'; even to "what you really are" beyond these writings (which, despite, are often themselves encouraging and helpful reminders among the faithful). Pray God reveals to your heart the Protestant hybrid of leaven that lingers in your house.

    It should not surprise (nor put us off), how the redeemed, adopted, transformed children of YHWH in Christ proceed to keep/treasure the law of God their Father --- even as does Jesus Christ. No longer a written code, His way has become part of their being with Him. All their former moral (man-made) codes gladly cast aside for His superior...
    * Law of Faith {Romans 3:27-28; Galatians 2:18-21}
    * Law of Liberty {James 1:25; 2:12; Romans 14}
    * Law of Love/Christ {Matthew 22:36-40; I Corinthians 9:21; Galatians 6:2}

  2. WOW.............. lets split hairs?????
    shouldn't you be praying to your pope and asking for a miracle so he can gain sainthood? your tie will be better spent I believe.

  3. Marshall: I'm confused, but ready to understand what you were trying to say.

    After re-reading your comment several times, I'm hearing you say that Christ writes His laws on our hearts, and rather than striving to keep the written law in the OT, we now "gladly cast aside" these attempts "for His superior...Law of Faith, Law of Liberty, and Law of Love in Christ."

    I am in agreement with those statements, and this is what I teach here in this blog.

    I'm very happy that you believe there are some things in my writings that are encouraging and helpful to those seeking Christ.

    I pray that you will spend your time in the simple Christ-life, being Christ to those around you, along with many of us who are trusting in Him to accomplish this by His power in us.

    For Christ's glory,
    A. Brother

  4. Hello Brother,
    Many "Christians" cannot live by faith alone. They jump through hoops to justify themselves as righteous outside of Christ! They must make some law, whether old or new testament, because they do not really believe that Christ and Christ alone lives in them! Right-on Brother, be encouraged!


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