Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

This coming year of 2011 is to be, for me, a year of repair and restoration.  Christ has made it plain to me that there will be times when I won't be able to almost daily finish the teachings He gives me from His Word, as I have been able to do for the last year.

But we know that Christ does all things well, and in accordance with the will of the Father, right?  My task is to submit to Him in all things.  This is hard for my naturally rebellious and self-motivated nature.  I tend to jump first, and look later.  I tend to paddle hard for the shore when I need to move to the middle of the current, or go for the current when I should be paddling for the shore.  My judgment has been, shall we say, a little suspect at times in my life.  I'm understating that, as you can tell!

So, my natural man is being submitted to Christ, who is working in me to build up the New Man in Christ.  This process continues, and is never easy.

I will still blog on this site, though may not have the daily ability to add posts.  However, I'm asking you also to go back and visit my many posts from the past year that you've not seen.  Please feel free to give these out, forward them to others, print them out, or use them in any way to increase the Kingdom of God.  They are yours, as well as mine, given by the Spirit of God to bring us all into Christ more fully.

And that is my purpose in 2011, my calling from the Lord.  It is to prophecy, to teach, to give out the Word of God to you for the furthering of your faith.  My calling is to grow in my own inner Light and knowledge of Christ so that He can speak even more clearly and decisively, with His authority, through me.  My obedience is necessary, as yours is.  We must discipline ourselves in this fight.  For this battle is the Lord's, not ours, yet He needs us to be good soldiers of Christ Jesus.

What a privilege we have moving forward into this year.  We are Christ's and Christ is ours.  We have the Father, we have the Lord Jesus our eldest brother, the Firstborn among many sons and daughters, and we have one another.  The love God has for us is shown us in Christ, and we show our love for Christ by loving one another in the Body of Christ.  

What a fantastic opportunity we have, whether we are in plenty, or in want.  Whether rich or poor, whether old or young, whether in trial or in good times, whether we are in free countries or oppressed, we can live for Christ and learn Him wherever we are.

I pray for all of us that we will learn Christ this year.  That we will not learn "about" Christ, but that we will "put on Christ" as Paul says, and be clothed in Him.  That He will be all for us.  That the grace and truth that came through Christ to the world will be evident in us.  That His love will captivate and control us, by the Spirit He gives us, which is the down payment for all the rich inheritance He has for us.

Please read what God has given me, and comment honestly so that your brothers and sisters may benefit from your experiences and thoughts on Scripture.

I plan on doing shorter posts, with simpler thoughts.  The year of 2011 will be a hard, yet rewarding year for us all if we put our eyes on Jesus at all times.  I'm hoping to  hear from more of you--to have you share this blog with more of those who want to seek Christ--and to let God give the increase in whatever way He chooses.

I daily pray for all those who love Christ, wherever you are.  It blesses me every day to get on and see the sources and statistics from my readers.  At this point, there are dozens of you, sometimes 50 or more each day reading, from over 30 countries of the world.  We have Christ in common, and what bond could there be on this earth that is stronger?  I value your prayers, your input, and your readership.

I pray for you as you go into this new year.  May you access all the riches of Christ that are at our fingertips in the heavenly places where He calls us to live.  May we all have our minds on "things above, not on the things on the earth."  

May we focus on Christ in 2011, so those around us can see Him more clearly in us!

Your brother,
A. Brother


  1. Shalom Brother,

    Thank you for your posting. Yes, we must "put on Christ" there are many brothers and sisters in Christ who are being shaken at this time. May they coome to "know" Yeshua intimately. One must have a strong faith during these times. I pray your well.

    In Yeshua,

  2. Brother, I have to say that yours is the most refreshing blog I have read in a long time. I have been out of church for most of the 10 years I have been a believer, I was converted late in life, from a non-christian background. I could see the shallowness of the relgious thing right from the off. I would not want you to be disobedient and neglect other duties or the leading of the Lord, but don't think that what you are doing is of little value, it is not. I am working my way through all of your articles.

    In Jesus - A. Sister.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I loved the quote ' We are Christ's and Christ is ours. We have the Father, we have the Lord Jesus our eldest brother, the Firstborn among many sons and daughters, and we have one another. Very encouraging. God bless

  4. Dear Cassie, A. Sister, and inspiredword:

    Such refreshing to hear what you receive from our Lord via this blog. I'm encouraged. I am not abandoning it, but it will change this year, not sure how. One thing for sure. We will all be given Christ. He is the focus for me, and He is speaking daily to me that we have lost Him as our center, and wander in many directions.

    This is why so many are hurting, and sad. We are lonely, because we need Christ, and because we can't find others who seek Him with a whole heart. Yet He says, many will come. Many will begin this journey with us. We will have fellowship, and the Father and the Son, with the Spirit, are always with us.

    Blessings to all of you this new year, and may God bring the fullness of Christ in every way.

    Your brother,
    A. Brother


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