NOTE: God's people need to move ahead.  Thousands still want to stay at the foot of the cross, endlessly celebrating salvation, and worshiping Jesus, and hearing the same teachings over and over, but do we long to know Christ in obedience?  Do we long to have the deep knowledge that comes to those who move ahead?  Have we applied what we know?  Children grow up by applying what they are told.  Are we growing up into Christ, maturing in faith and deeds?  I pray that Christ deepens us today in His love, which always results in action...great teaching here. --A. Brother

By T. Austin-Sparks

“Let us go on and get past the elementary stage
in the teachings and doctrine of Christ,
advancing steadily toward the completeness
and perfection that belong to spiritual maturity.”
Hebrews 6:1

Do not let us stay with our beginnings, but let us go on. Now what does going on mean?

Well, of course, for us it is a going on in a spiritual way. We are in a new dispensation, and this is a spiritual dispensation. But there is one thing that I want to suggest to you as meaning our going on.

It is true of Israel in the wilderness, although it was an earthly thing with them, the same thing is true with us in a spiritual way. If you look again into this letter to the Hebrews, you will discover that going on spiritually is a matter of putting into practice what the Lord has said.

Do you realize that we never go on by being told things by the Lord?

Now that sounds like a very strange thing to say. The Lord can speak to us Himself. We may have His word, we may have all the teaching that He can give us, we may know all the truth of God, we may have had it all for many years, and yet, although we may have had it all, we may be standing still.

No, it is not a matter of knowing what the Lord has said. It is a matter of putting that into practice. Doing what the Lord has said, that is the only way of going on.

How are we to go on then? We are to sit down quietly and say, "Now what has the Lord said to us?" Perhaps it may be over these past four or five weeks, or it may be over years past. The Lord has spoken in this place, or to you through the ministry of His many servants.

Now through the reading of His Word you may have a great mountain of truth, and yet you may not be going on, and the Lord may not be with us, as He wants to be with us. The Presence of the Lord is power, the Presence of the Lord is Life, the Presence of the Lord is holiness. Oh, the Presence of the Lord means much, but it is all very practical.

The Lord does not believe in theory. He does not believe even in textbooks.

The Lord is a very practical Lord. And His attitude toward us is this: Look here, I have said this to you, you have heard it. Perhaps you have rejoiced in it. Perhaps you have believed it to be true. Perhaps you thank the Lord for it. But what have we done about it?


  1. Dear Bro, I reread your articles especially after preaching on Sundays because i return with a heavy heart and your written messages lift my spirit

    many keep telling me that they have confessed and believe in Jesus Christ, therefore they are saved according to the bible so they think that i am speaking garbage when i refer to the remnants or that only one-third are going to finish the journey - only now i can understand a little of what God's servants in the early days must have faced when they went to speak to His people on His command and yet not many repented and they faced the consequences of rebellion

    i really do pray that God will have mercy on us and shortened the days soon

    thanks for reading my ramblings


  2. Dear Sister in Christ:

    Your 'ramblings' are appreciated. Keep commenting, as I wish many more would do!
    A. Brother


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