A. Brother
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“Woe to the obstinate children,”
declares the Lord; “to those that carry out plans
that are not Mine, forming an alliance,
but not by My Spirit, heaping sin upon sin;
who go down to Egypt without consulting Me…”
Isa. 30: 1,2

“They say to the seers,
‘See no more visions!’
and to the prophets,
‘Give us no more visions of what is right!
Tell us pleasant things,
prophesy illusions.
Leave this Way, get off this path,
and stop confronting us with
the Holy One of Israel!’”
Isa. 30:10,11

We run to Egypt, which represents the world, we form alliances without the Spirit of God’s urging, and we heap our sins up by running for help to the world without consulting the Lord and waiting for Him to answer.

We want pleasant things spoken, and we want those who confront us with these sins to leave us alone.  We want those speaking of this Way, this path of Christ that is full of trial, tribulation and difficulty to shut up. 

This is the state of many people who claim Christ today.  Today the enemy of our souls prowls around, seeking to devour those who would weaken in their faith, and head down to Egypt for easy help, and pleasant words. 

He whispers, “They’ve got it easy down there in Egypt.  Why doesn’t your God, if He loves you, save you from this terrible trial?  Why are you suffering, when so many who are Christians are doing well?  Look at you.  What has this absurd belief in Christ gotten you?  If God cared about you, He’d answer your prayers now.  Look, I’ve got plenty in my generous hands for you.”

Christians have learned to run to Egypt for help, because the so-called people of God have abandoned their duties to one another in Christ.  When you experience tradedy, they give you pleasant words and platitudes, while inwardly crossing themselves and thanking God they are not in your shoes.  When you’re out of bread and meat, they suggest the food banks.  When you don’t have a place to live, they suggest the homeless mission.  When you need comfort and guidance, they hand you the pastor’s number.  When you are confused and upset, they give you the name of a good counselor they once used.  When you are sick they promise to pray for you.  When you are lonely, they suggest you come to more church functions.  When you need encouragement, they give you a book to read.

We are the “obstinate children” whom God addresses here.  We take up the weapons, not of the Spirit, but of the world.  We rely on things we can see, and hold in our hands, instead of the Spirit of God, who demands we live by faith and not by sight.  We have sought the world and its ways, and pretend we really want to seek Christ, while we cling to worthless idols.

God rebukes us today, in our love for Egypt, in our love for pleasant things and illusions, instead of Truth.  Those of us who’ve been blessed with loss and trial are being given these gifts because God disciplines those He loves.  We are being weaned away from Egypt, from the lush gardens and waterways of that rich and evil land, so that Christ may dwell in our hearts by faith, and so we will not rely on anyone but Him.  The desert is for disciples, and is rich with the Life of Christ.

The ones who have the power to help you in your trials and who don’t, are the ones James spoke of:

“Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes
and daily food.  If one of you says to him,
‘Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed,’
but does nothing about his physical needs,
what good is it?
In the same way, faith, by itself,
if not accompanied by actions, is dead.”
James 2:15-17

All of us will answer for not only running to Egypt ourselves, but for causing our brother to stumble by making Him run to Egypt when we in the Kingdom could have supplied his need.

In this day of riches, this day of plenty, we hoard what we have to ourselves.  If we could see ourselves as God sees us, we would look like those disgusting, sad people on the TV show “Hoarders”, that are surrounded by filth and garbage, but who can’t let go of it.  The good things God gives us are meant to be shared with others unselfishly, and with no thought for tomorrow.

If you don’t like this Word from the Lord, then you are among those who hoard.  Do you give all to the Kingdom of God?  Do you pray for your “daily bread” or do you create plans for yourself, create alliances with the world, so that you’ll never have to suffer?  Do you chase after all the things Satan holds out as carrots?  Or do you pursue Christ and His Kingdom with single-minded purpose today?

Remember, God is calling you to account for your actions.  Are you a man of God, or a man of the world?  There is no in-between.


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