NOTE:  This morning you may be under pressures you believe you cannot endure.  Wherever you are, and many of you reading are in places far from me as I write, as far flung as China, South Africa, Singapore, Canada, Australia, India and others,
you love Jesus, but are being “pressed beyond measure”. 

As you read this good word from our brother T. Austin-Sparks, remember how strong lumber is made.  Beams for buildings that must hold up immense amounts of weight are formed by a process called “pressure treating”.  This process is done by applying tremendous forces to wood, compressing it into densities that far exceed normal wood strength. 

This results in structural members within buildings that hold up massive amounts of weight without failing. 

So in the Body of Christ is our Lord working to create “pressure treated” members, able to withstand tremendous upheaval, so that when the floods, earthquakes, or typhoons of this world hit His Temple, it can withstand the forces of evil.  So we must endure the “pressure treating” process for His sake, and for His Kingdom.


“We were pressed beyond measure, beyond strength,
insomuch that we despaired even of life.
But we had the sentence of death in ourselves,
that we should not trust in ourselves
but in God who raises the dead.”
2 Corinthians 1:8,9

It is a part of the nature of things that we never learn in a vital way by information. We really only come into the good of things by being "pressed beyond measure".

So the Lord has to take much time to make spiritual history.

When at length our eyes are open, we cry, O, why did I not see it before! But everything else had to prove insufficient before we could really be shown, and that takes time.

Thus it was that we were turned in that dark hour to Romans Chapter 6, and, almost as though He spoke in audible language, the Lord said: ‘When I died, you died. When I went to the Cross I not only took your sins, but I took you. When I took you, I not only took you as the sinner that you might regard yourself to be, but I took you as being all that you are by nature; your good as well as your bad; your abilities as well as your disabilities; yes, every resource of yours. I took you as a "worker", a "preacher", an “organizer”!  My Cross means that not even for Me can you be or do anything out from yourself, but if there is to be anything at all it must be out from Me, and that means a life of absolute dependence and faith.’

At this point, therefore, we awoke to the fundamental principle of our Lord's own life while here, and it became the law of everything for us from that time.

That principle was: "nothing by (out from) Himself", but "all things by (out from) His Father".

"The Son can do nothing by (out from) Himself;
He can only do what He sees His Father doing,
Because whatever the Father does
the Son also does.”
John 5:19

Such a revelation, if it is to be a staggering and breaking thing, so that there is no strength left in us, requires a background of much vain effort. But then, it carries with it a great implication.

While an end is written large in the Cross, and while that end is to be accepted as our end indeed, so that there can be no more of anything so far as we are concerned, Jesus Lives! and that means boundless possibilities.


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