NOTE:  How many times through the years have I prayed the wrong thing in regard to my own life and trouble?  How wrong was my own idea, which was inculcated into my brain from an early age, that being a Christian meant mostly a life of comfort and joy, and that suffering was an unpleasant byproduct that we “prayed our way out of” if we were godly people and real “prayer warriors”.  That sickness meant God would heal if we prayed “hard enough”.  That our need for money was in order that God could do a “miracle of provision”.  That our wants and desires and plans would be achieved if we “only had enough faith”.  How many of you were also raised on this gospel of self-focus, which is so the opposite of the life of Jesus which is to be lived out in us?  
--A. Brother


“My Father! If it is possible,
let this cup of suffering be taken away from Me.
Yet I want Your will to be done, not Mine.”
Matthew 26:39

We must face the fact and we must seek help from God always to bear in mind that we are going to have a path of suffering if we are in the fellowship with the Lord Jesus...

There has to come a point when we sit down and do some calculating and come to a definite conclusion on this matter - that, although very often we may not be able to see that our suffering is because of our relationship to Him (the sufferings are so manifold and diverse, and very often they look as though they have no relationship at all with our Christian life) at the same time, whether we can discern it or not; the fact remains that the pathway of the child of God, of the fellow of Jesus Christ, is the pathway of suffering.

I say, postponement or delay in settling that matter keeps us all the time in that state of hoping and waiting for it to be different, and, because the difference does not come, getting downcast and feeling that all is wrong and that the Lord is against us and all that sort of thing, thus giving all the ground that the enemy wants for destroying our testimony.

The very first thing to remember when we take this cup is that while we are taking it as the cup of salvation, while we are remembering the atonement which is in the Blood, and all the wonderful redemption which is ours because of that Blood, the cup does also speak to us of fellowship with His suffering...

Yes, there is something which is going up to His praise and glory as Christ is being formed through the fires of adversity and suffering.

It is fellowship with Him in His sufferings, after all, if it is bringing about Christlikeness.

So our first thing is to reckon with this and get it settled.

What are you expecting, what are you waiting for, what are you concerned about, what are you pleading and praying for? If you are praying for full and final deliverance from adversity and suffering and difficulty and all that sort of thing, let me tell you your prayer will never be answered.

Forms of suffering may change, but in some form or another we are going on to the end in a way of adversity. Satan is not going to become our friend while we are friends of Jesus Christ. The kingdom of Satan is not going to rally to our support while we belong to the kingdom which is opposed to his. Let us settle that. It will get us free, perhaps, from this entanglement.


  1. Philippians 1:29-30

    "For to you it has been granted on behalf of Christ, not only to believe in Him, but also to suffer for His sake, having the same conflict which you saw in me and now hear is in me."

    To understand this truth and embrace it, is the moment we begin to mature in Christ, and the fruits of the Spirit start to ripen in our hearts.

  2. thank you for the timely word - i was fed on the same garbage in my early years in the church and in ignorance fed the same garbage to my congregation until the Lord opened my eyes to see Him and Him glorified through His suffering - presently, i'm facing huge challenges as i am no longer in the system but outside the system and the reality of being His follower is sinking in BUT His Grace is indeed more than sufficient

    i thank God and thank you for your blog because in many ways it is feeding my spirit these days, especially when i constantly keep receiving prayers from the "Me Focus" group for jobs, finance, healing and so on .... when will their eyes be opened? .....will it ever be?

    Sister in Christ

  3. Sister: your story is being repeated in our lives and the lives of many of your brethren today around the world. God is calling us out, and "the reality of being His follower is sinking in..." as you put it so well. God is weaning us away from the world, and from religion, and feeding us the pure milk and meat of the Word of God, who is Christ Himself. There is no other sustenance needed, except the fellowship of One Body together, growing up into the Head, who is our Christ, our Lord, our Savior, our Redeemer. I pray that God will strengthen each of us today in His love.

    Thank you for reading. It is my calling, this straight declaration of Truth as revealed in the Word of God. I can do nothing else of merit. God has taken away my worldly achievements and told me to learn quiet and godly living, working humbly to provide for myself and others, while seeking only to build the Kingdom of God. This is what every disciple must do to be faithful.

    I pray that God will spread this Word out among more and more people who are hungry and thirsty for righteousness today.


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