A. Brother
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          God is sick of our partying, and our self-seeking entertainments.  Our holiday mentality has nothing of Him in it, but everything of ourselves.
          Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter. 
          These are ostensibly Christian holidays or celebrations.  In reality, they are open reasons to party, and stuff ourselves with food, and reward our self-focused lives with gifts to ourselves and our loved ones, and take time off work for having fun.  And let’s make no mistake about it, fun is what they are for, though we stamp our fun with the obligatory church service with hymns, and a quick moment or two with the family about the “meaning” of these special seasons.
          We have degraded ourselves and the Kingdom of God, by hijacking pagan ideas about how to celebrate Christian events, and then morphing them into some version of our own that will fit into our lives without making us feel guilty.
          We have adopted religious celebrations, and have forgotten what it means to live the Truths behind them.
          We are to be the heart and mind of Christ in this troubled world, and stand against its self-focused, ‘party-hearty for tomorrow we die’ pursuits.  We are to be the antithesis of self-absorption, and be absorbed in the life of the Spirit and the lives of others--doing good all around us every day, seeking the Kingdom of God first, loving God and His Son and our brothers and sisters--and celebrating these things with great joy.
          Yet here we are, showing the world that Christians can be just as self-absorbed as they are.   
          We think God is with us in these things.  How wrong we are.  He is not there, and He is not silent about our disobedience.  His Word speaks adamantly about all this, yet we choose to ignore it.

          Scripture does not tell us to show the world Living Christmas Trees, and wonderful productions of Biblical scenes at a certain season! 
          Scripture does tell us to be during all seasons a Living Body for Christ, a Living Temple full of the Holy Spirit, not made with human hands, but made up of Living Stones, mortared together with love, and working together in love to do the work of Christ every day, even if it means giving up our own ambitions and dreams and entertainments.
          Scripture does not tell us to show the world the Resurrection’s importance once a year. 
          Scripture does tell us to example the resurrection life of Christ to those around us every day, celebrating the love and power and simplicity of Christ by our actions toward one another and toward the world.
          Scripture does not tell us to stuff ourselves full of turkey, dressing and gravy one day a year to let God know how thankful we are for our political and economic freedoms. 
          Scripture does teach us to show our thankfulness for God’s provision in Christ every day by feeding the hungry, giving water to the thirsty, caring for the sick and the weak, helping the orphans, widows and those brothers and sisters in need around us.
          We ignore the commands of God for the traditions of men, and pat ourselves on the back for being able to celebrate special days so well, and in such style.
          God’s hand will not pat us on the back.  He is ready to discipline us for this misrepresentation of His Son’s Name, and His Son’s life.
          God help us to repent of our self-focused, self-absorbed party-going ways.
          God calls us to leave these pagan-prompted holidays, and to live every day of the year as a special day, and every season of the year as a special season, all to the glory and honor of God, borne out by our obedience to the Living Word, Jesus Christ.

          If you choose to celebrate Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving, celebrate them quietly, and do things for others.  Feed and clothe others who have no reason to celebrate.  Share the resurrection life with others who are lost.  Be thankful for Jesus and your brother and sisters, and share with them the bounty of God’s table set in Christ, given us in the Word.  Use these times as a chance to show the world how true Christ-followers focus on Him, and on doing good for others!


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