A. Brother
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“The hour has come for the Son of Man
to be glorified.  I tell you the truth, unless
a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies,
it remains a single seed.  But if it dies,
it produces many seeds.
The man who loves his life will lose it,
and the man who loses his life
in this world, will keep it
for eternal life.”
John 12:23-25

The hour has come for many of us.  We are in deep trouble, trial and tribulation.  The Triple-T Brand of Christ has been burned into our flesh.  We are knowing the fires and waters of difficulty, sadness, pain, and heartache.  We are feeling the sting of loss.

Greater things are coming.  Ways in which Christ can be glorified in our bodies, as He glorified His Father by His dying.  The Holy Spirit of Christ within us is speaking to us daily about this dying, this losing, this pain.  It is given us to bring about great things in the Kingdom of God. 

The only way we can honor the Father is in the same way Jesus honored His Father.  We cannot make our own ways of honoring the Father.  We try this all the time, making up ways we want to do our little “Christian lives”.  We believe we can escape the fiery trials and the death of self by avoiding it, by making up these little things to do.  The churches make up all sorts of little jobs for their people.  And people think, “Well, that’s my contribution to the Kingdom of God.  I’m doing my little part, and so, the rest of my time is my own…”

We are called to follow Jesus.  In every way, in every moment.  We must always be where Christ is, and we, like He did, must seek to glorify the Father every moment.  There is no compromise.  Anything else is just flesh, and just sin.  Until we understand this, we are living in darkness, and don’t begin to comprehend Christ in His fullness.

We have been brainwashed into thinking wrongly.  We must go back to Jesus Christ, to the Word of God, and have our minds renewed and refreshed in the Spirit to understand the depth of this life in Christ that is required of every true disciple.  (Rom. 12:1,2)

It is the will of God that every man who follows Christ dies the death our older brother Jesus did, so becoming “like Him in his death” (Phil. 3:10).  This allows resurrection to occur.

This is what Jesus meant about each seed needing to die to produce many seeds.  This is our glory, to glorify the Father by our dying, so that He can glorify Christ by our resurrection. 

It is impossible for a dead man to resurrect Himself.  So we must rest upon God’s power today.  Let us be the sacrifice, the lamb, today.  Let us leave behind our worldly agendas, our worldly ideas and ways, and die to our lives in this world, so that we can truly live with Christ in resurrection power.


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