NOTE:  God is speaking clearly in His Word in the midst of the confusion among the people of God.  We are often just not listening.  We refuse to slow down, refuse to go to our knees humbly and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s Truth.  One of the ways in which people are so confused is about Christ, and His current role.  We think of Him as Savior, Lord, and Son of God.  But we add many religious things in here to make a religion of Him.  Yet alone, He is the complete Word of God spoken to us, and He is all we need.  Those who preach a “gospel” that requires religious ways and means, or pull out certain verses and laws from the Old Testament for us to obey, or demand that we become members of a certain religious group or system, all of these are preaching a gospel other than the one handed down to us by God and His Word.  Christ is all, and in all, and He is sufficient, by His power, and by His Spirit, to fulfill all that God requires in us.
To that end, I present this teaching from this brother who entered eternity in 1971, T. Austin-Sparks.


“God, who at various times and in various ways
spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets,
has in these last days spoken to us by His Son...”
Hebrews 1:1,2

It says that in times past God spoke 'in many ways', not only in different portions, but in different manners.

It would take too long for us to go back to the Old Testament to see all the manners in which God spoke. He spoke by a thousand different means: sometimes by words and sometimes by acts. The manners were indeed 'diverse'.

However, the statement here is that at the end He speaks in one way, one all-inclusive way, and that is in His Son. God's Son is His one inclusive way of speaking at the end.

On the one side, no one is going to get anything from God apart from Jesus Christ. God will absolutely refuse to speak other than in His Son. If you want to know what God wants to say to you, you have to come to His Son.

On the other side, in Jesus Christ we have all that God ever wants to say...

Yes, we have far more of God's speaking in His Son than we have yet come to understand. We have nothing apart from Jesus Christ, and we need nothing apart from Him... You can read everything that has ever been written on Christian doctrine and still be the same man or woman.

God's ways are very practical, and He teaches us by experience. That experience is sometimes very difficult and is called here 'the training of sons'. May the Lord Jesus just impress our hearts again with these things!

God is still speaking in His Son, and His speaking is in order to get companions of His Son. Companions of this heavenly calling and of Christ will go into the hard school and have to learn many hard lessons, but in learning them they will come to understand how great is their inheritance in the Lord Jesus.

NOTE FROM A. BROTHER:  Have you not noticed the current tendency among Christians to accept “other ways” that God might speak to people?  We see a good movie, and it mentions God, or mentions spiritual things, or even hear people mentioning that God might exist, and we rejoice that someone has spoken a good word.  Yet this is a deception of Satan.  No other Way can be found to hear God speaking than through His Son Jesus Christ.  We must understand this teaching, that God only speaks through His Son, and be wary of all other supposed ways that truth can come.  Often Satan brings people into the deceptive place where they suppose that because they have some “religious thoughts” or “feel some warm fuzzies” when they think of God, that this means a benevolent God will somehow accept these meager attentions, while they ignore His Son and His Word.  Not true, and we must hold firm to the gospel as given in the Word of God, and let others know we serve the living Christ, who is the One and Only Son of the Father, the Only Way.  


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