NOTE:  I'm not sure if you do, but I need this teaching today.  My wife and I are struggling through the most intense, uncomfortable and difficult trials of our lives, and every day is a battle.  Too often, I battle because I'm choosing to live a life "centered in myself", or because I don't want to "live by the law of love".  I want God's gifts, and not God Himself.
I'm desperate for the trial to be over, and God is waiting patiently for me to stop fighting it and embrace with love what He's given me to grow in His grace.  I pray every one of us who reads this will heed its wonderful message from the heart of God.



There were two trees in the Garden of Eden – and they represented two ways of life.

The tree of life symbolized a life centered in God – where God would be the center of every decision made by man.

The tree of knowledge of good and evil on the other hand, symbolized a life where Self would be the center, and where man would live without consulting God and would determine himself what was good and what was evil.

God sent Adam and Eve into that garden and told them, as it were, “You can choose now which of these two ways you want to live by”. And we all know what Adam chose. He chose to live a life centered in himself.

All the misery, sorrow and murders and every other wretched thing that we see in the world around us, is due to man having decided to choose for himself what is good and what is evil. He doesn’t want God to tell him. And that is the reason for every unhappy marriage as well – even among Christians. Multitudes of Christians live with Self as the centre of their life – and they reap what they sow.

When God made Adam He wanted him to rule over the earth. Adam was created to be a king, not a slave. And God wanted Eve to be a queen beside Adam.

But what do we see today? Men and women are slaves everywhere – slaves to their passions and to the corruptible things of earth.

When God created this earth He made everything beautiful. The forbidden tree was also beautiful.

When Adam and Eve stood in front of that tree, they had to make a choice: Would they choose the beautiful things God had created, or would they choose God Himself?

That is the choice all of us have to make every day.

If our life is centered in ourselves, we will pursue after God’s gifts (the things He has created) and not after God Himself.

Most of the quarrels that take place in homes are over earthly things. Such quarrels arise because the husband and wife choose created things instead of God Himself – and they reap the consequences of their choice. They sow to the flesh and so they reap corruption.

Man becomes a slave when he chooses created things over his Creator.

Jesus came to deliver us from this slavery.

Man is a slave today to the power of money, to illegitimate sexual pleasure, to the opinions of others, and to many other things. He is not free.

God created him to be like the eagle that flies high in the sky. But everywhere we find man in chains, unable to conquer his temper, unable to control his tongue, unable to control his lustful eyes. Jesus came, not just to die for our sins, but also to deliver us from this slavery.

The Bible says that God is Light and God is Love. God’s Love is His Light. In a dark room, the power of light drives away the darkness. God’s power is like that. Life without God’s power, without His love, will only be darkness.

Our whole life on earth is a period of testing and probation, to prepare us for a kingdom in eternity, where everything will be ruled by the law of love.

Every situation and circumstance that God takes us through now is therefore designed by Him to test us in one area – whether we will live by the law of love.

And that is why God allows so many trials and difficulties in our lives. God is Almighty and He could have made life on earth such that we never had any trials at all. But God in His great wisdom has ordained trials as a means by which we learn to love.

If we overcome our selfishness and determine that love alone will guide our life, God will be able to prepare us to be rulers in His coming kingdom. We have to think about that now, or else we will find in eternity that we missed the opportunities that God gave us on earth – and never learned what we were supposed to learn.
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  1. "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." The narrow road that leads to eternal life is truly one of testing, trials, afflictions, cleansing, and sacrifice. I think of the words of Paul as we fight the good fight of faith.

    2nd Cor. 4:16-18

    "Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal."

  2. my brother we are holding up your arms and by your side as you finish these trials.
    prayers and blessings with your family!

  3. I am praying for you A.Brother and others as we all face these struggles and wars between the flesh and God. It is strange how we know that the Devil is looking to devour us but we (meaning me) let our guard down and then are surprised when we are attacked. As we have spoken often, recently I feel as though I am under siege and just waiting until it is over. However I feel that might not be the best tactic. Maybe fighting back, picking up the sword of truth, the word, and using it is the way to go. Not hiding under a rock as I do from time to time...

  4. You brothers are such an encouragement to me. Blessings on you Tyrone for your depth in the Word and your continual reference to it. Blessings on you Armon for your encouraging spirit and prayers. Blessings on you, A. Bondservant because I know that God has chosen and called you, and that you are standing in the struggle, and learning so much right now. Yes, go into the Word, let the Holy Spirit teach you, let Jesus get hold of you, and you will all do mighty things, not so the world will notice, but by being men of God you will shake the foundations of Satan's kingdom here on earth.
    May God give you all strength and courage today.

  5. And to you too, I feel that the struggles you are facing are not for the glory of the Devil, who is tirelessly working to disrupt your thoughts and work, but for the purpose of glorifying God. Your unfortunate struggles are fortunately feeding others in this time of need. Be bold and continue to take action, know you are not a victim but one day will be absolute victorious standing side by side with Christ and knowing everything is worth it....I am especially praying for you today that a moment of peace will come..and always remember to smile..


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