The Word of the Lord
A. Brother, 9/03/10

            The Truth has been withheld from those who call themselves God’s people.  They wander about consumed with worldly affairs, which are exactly that—dalliances with mistresses who take them away from God.  The Word of God is bound up by our disobedience, and God is angry.  The Father will not and cannot light the world when His people walk in darkness.  Jesus cannot work His work through people who daily compromise His Ways with their religious and business ideas.
          The salt has lost its saltiness, and will be thrown out.
          The light is under a bowl, and under the bed.
          When two or three of God’s people gather, they scheme and plan, but not according to the fulfillment of Scripture.  Instead they hatch their own ideas, because the Word of God in its simplicity is not good enough for them.  They have improved on it, because of their great wisdom.

The Lord God says to us today:
Am I a God who is far off, and not a God who is near?  Is not My Word enough for you that you run to all kinds of silly, worldly things and put your trust in them, instead of trusting completely in Me and My Son?

Where are you?  I have been calling each day for My people to hear Me and see Me, but they are busy with their own lives.  I have been seeking out those who will love Me in simple faith, and live My life and show My light to the world, but find few who will listen.

Where are My people?  I have called you and chosen you to go and bear the fruit that My Son would give you, so that I would be glorified in you.  I have told you to love.  I have told you to pray.  I have told you to trust Me in the darkness, and let Me be your light.  Yet you have lighted torches against the darkness—torches of your own making—so you won’t be afraid of the dark.

Am I not capable of being your light?  Must you light your pitiful little fires to push back the dark, when I’ve given you the means to light a blaze that will light the world?

My people, My heart is broken for you.  You are wandering in sin, yet you persist in acting as if you are righteous.  You are lost, and you sing about being found.  You wonder where I am every day, full of doubts, full of fears, yet act as if you are fine.  You are not fine, you are full of disobedience and pain, and it is time you turned only to Me for your healing.

I am a God who loves.  There is no love apart from Me.  There is no fruit that will last in this world without Me.  I love you, and am drawing you with cords of love every day, yet you run the other direction.  You would rather try to make it on your own, leaning on the sharp stick of the world’s ways, than trust completely in Me.

My Son came that you might put aside your religion, and live.  My beloved Son gave Himself, so that you would learn that it is only in giving that you will receive My life.  My Son would lead you today, as a shepherd leads his flock to water, and food, and shelter.  Yet you run away from His voice.

By Myself, I can help you.  I AM GOD.  If you will only obey the Word I’ve given you, both written in ink, and written in the life of My Son, you would have an abundance of what you’re missing—love, truth, certainty, hope. 

There is no other Way than the Way I have given.  No other fancy earthly wisdom will save you.  There is no other Gate but My Son Jesus.  There is no other path but the path of the cross.

You must die, in order to live.  You must give up all your worldly and earthly ambitions in order to accomplish My ambition, which is to save not only you, but all those I love.  And My love will win.  Make no mistake about that.

I AM GOD.  There is no other.  You search in vain for other ways.  My truth is foolishness to the world.  You must be willing to be foolish in the eyes of those around you in order to find My Way. 

My Son became a fool in the eyes of the world in order to save you.  Will you not return My love and His love for you by becoming a fool for My sake?

Leave your foolish worldly ways.  Leave your life, and find Me.  Lose your life and find it.

If you don’t obey My voice, and persist in obeying the other voices around you, then I will act on your behalf in spite of you.  I will wean you away from your religious trappings, and your religious monuments.  I will take away the dross from your heart by discipline, harsh and hard, in your life. 
I will act because I love you and want you to be with Me for eternity. 
I want you to have the riches I’ve prepared for you as an inheritance, not the trash pile of worthless junk you are accumulating in your life on earth.

I am jealous for you.  I am angry with those who have led you astray by their smooth, flattering words.  I am angry with the men who’ve perverted My Word and the sacrifice of My Son into cheap religion, saying to My people that they only need to say the proper words, and go to church, and pay a pitiful tithe, and spend a little time reading Scripture in order to come into the Kingdom I have prepared.

This lie is not new!  This lie of Satan has been around since I created man.  And you have fallen for it, like newborn babies without sense or defense.

You have My Word, yet you ignore it.  My Son gave you the Truth, yet you do not worship Me by obeying it.  There is no light, and there is no truth, without obedience.

Speaking My Word will not save you.  Doing religious things will not save you.  Only living the Life of My Son, branch in vine, will save you.  Only faith working through love will result in My work being done.
I AM GOD.  You are lost until you find Me.
OBEY ME TODAY.  If you don’t, then I will act without your permission, and My discipline will force you to bow your knee and acknowledge “I AM.”


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