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“From everyone who has been given much,
much will be demanded;
and from the one who has been entrusted with much,
much more will be asked.”
--Luke 12:48

How much have we been given, in our affluent western cultures? 

We have been given incredible riches and freedom.  God has given us unlimited access for generations to the Scriptures, and unlimited freedom to spread the gospel.  We’ve had massive resources to produce books, and music, and every form of communication—now adding all the electronic media—that can carry the Truth of Jesus Christ to every forgotten corner of not only our society, but the world.

In particular the United States was founded on the basis of freedoms of speech and religion.  There were no curbs on our Christian endeavors.  There has been plenty of money, and business power, and political clout.  And extra time to pursue, after our unprecedented shorter work days due to this very affluence, sharing the Truth of God with others.

We’ve had a long, clear, untrammeled road to influence the world for the Kingdom of God.  But it’s clear we’ve largely mishandled the “much” we’ve been given. 

Generation after generation has gone by, and, instead of America becoming a focal point and base for Kingdom power through Jesus Christ, Christians here have become less and less committed to Him, less and less filled with His love and power, and more and more in tune with the world.

The western churches are weak with riches.  Our Christian institutions have become staid, organizational, and committed more to their own longevity than to breaking through with Christ and seeing His power displayed in His Ekklesia, the ‘called out to be together’ people of God.

Doesn’t this sober you up, dear brother or sister?  Doesn’t it give you pause in your daily rush?  Wasn’t Jesus talking to us in this passage from Luke?

We have been entrusted with the Word of God in abundance.  It’s legal to own and read the Scriptures.  It has been more available to us than to any other people group at any other time in history.

Yet we treat it casually, as if it’s a cookbook, or a nice coffee table book.  We open it now and then, but mainly get our spiritual truth in small doses from the pastor on Sunday, or from a daily devotional booklet written by someone else.

Where is the powerful anointing of the Spirit to open our eyes individually to what Scripture says?  Where is the conviction of sin?  Where is the earnest repentance? 

Where is the daily focus on Christ, the moment-by-moment living in Him, the daily dying to self that Scripture calls for?  Where is our love?  Where is our peace?  Where is our hope in the future promises of God? 

Where are our hearts, and our treasures laid up?  Where is love of the brethren, and the daily sharing of ourselves and our very lives with them? 

Where is the life of the Body, exhibited by active gifts employed by every individual as distributed by the Holy Spirit?  Where is the Scripture being pored over hour-by-hour, day-by-day among those whose lives are charged with the electric love of God and hunger for His righteousness? 

Where is the daily encouragement for those in trouble, or in poverty, or in pain, or in various distresses and problems that threaten to overwhelm them?  Where is the love of Christ?

Perhaps we should give full attention to working out our own salvation with fear and trembling instead of acting as if we are a beacon to the world, and light to the nations, and worrying about the other cultures who have far less.  Perhaps we should look at ourselves and see with the eyes of the Spirit, and regard our spiritual poverty in the midst of our material plenty, and begin focusing on letting God work in us.  Then when we’ve taken the lumberyard out of our own eye, we might be able to see well enough in Christ to carry the “full message of this new life” (Acts 5:20) to the world. 
We are those who have been given much.  And we are those who stand to lose all, because we have ignored the gracious hand of our God upon us.



  1. this too is my heart cry but i am from Singapore - coming from a Muslim background 26 years ago after having a power encounter with the living God, i went through the church system for 12 years before walking out and have been a church planter, teaching and discipling BUT unfortunately no matter what i said or taught the people kept looking to me and other leaders instead of God - they have received much but very little or none is being given to others
    Sister in Christ

  2. Sister--this is the condition of the hearts of men. I hear your sadness. We must continue to rely completely on the Lord in these matters. We are not responsible for calling men and turning their hearts, we are only responsible for speaking what the Lord tells us. He must turn their hearts, and bring them the Truth. It is all Christ, and none of us. Many of the prophets, (see Hebrews 12) declared the Word of God without seeing its fulfillment. So we must be faithful to do the same. Our Father has His perfect will to accomplish, and He will do it.

    In Christ's love,
    A. Brother


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