With another sad revelation of alleged sexual sin by a well-known US Pastor this morning, the Bishop Eddie Long out of Atlanta, who has a huge ministry there, I urge you to read 2 Peter chapter 2.  Why are we surprised, when we have set up this ungodly church system that elevates people based on their talent to preach or sing instead of their proven, humble Christ-like character, including their love and wisdom?  

We have 'bought into' a worldly Christianity that emphasizes all the wrong things.  Christ's power is shown through the weak and lowly, those who rest on Him for all.  His power and glory are in us, His chosen vessels, fragile and emptied of self.  As we are taught throughout Scripture, it is God, not us.  It is Christ's interests that count, not some guy who's managed to enthrall thousands with his fiery preaching ability, or his closet full of tailored suits.

I don't know much about Eddie, and I don't judge his innocence or guilt this morning.  But I am angry, and God's Spirit is in me, and He is angry.  For we perpetuate the sins of men like this by revering them in their bully pulpits, and obsequiously bowing to them like they are above us, instead of holding them to account as equal brothers in Christ.  This man may have done what was alleged by the four men suing him.  He may not have done it.  But the very fact that he is in a position where he could have done this is an indictment on the man-made structure that created his lofty position.

The Pope is apologizing.  But the system that perpetuates the ability for men who claim to be Christ's emissaries and bishops on the earth to sin, still stands unchanged.  These systems, whether Catholic or Protestant, are evil structures that encourage men and women to sin. By setting men above one another instead of Christ above every one, they draw men away by their very position and power over others.  We must stand against these systems, true brothers in Christ, and have the courage to show in Scripture the simplicity of the Body of Christ and its functioning as laid out for us.

It is time for many to step away from these false teachers and prophets.  Even many of our pastors in pulpits of ordinary churches down the street are operating with impunity and without accountability.  Elders have been treated like sacred cows, and it is time we applied Scripture and stopped disobeying the Lord in these matters.  Every believer in Christ is equally important, and equally responsible to answer to one another.  No matter what hat they wear, or what office they hold.


  1. The Lord has begun shaking the foundations of man, and exposing the sin of those who are hurting His sheep. It's sad to me, but many thousands have suffered over the years because men have decided to do things their way instead of God's way. The Lord's judgments are coming upon the institution that calls itself 'the church' and I won't be surprised if the building that Eddie Long built and the organization he founded comes crashing down.


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