"For  Israel and Judah have not been forsaken by their God,
the Lord Almighty,
though their land is full of guilt
before the Holy One of Israel."
Jer. 51:5

Normally I receive a teaching from the Holy Spirit out of the Word of God, and I save it in a document, then post it to my blog at the time and on the day the Lord seems to say "this is the time".  Today, I believe He's telling me to share something right now, with my small group of readers, and urge them to hear Him.

The time for judgement upon America for her sins is coming rapidly.  There is going to be a reckoning, and one we have all brought in some way upon ourselves.  This country I have loved all my life has gone astray with increasing speed over the past few generations.  Since WWII, the pace of godlessness has increased dramatically, and that within the churches as well.

Our land is full of guilt, as Scripture says.  Babylon will fall, and in ways she has no idea exist at this moment.  And those who claim Christ must prepare to live without the protections we've enjoyed for over 200 years.

This isn't some wild-eyed prophetic dream.  It is reality.  I have participated, as many of you have, and many are now, in the excessive sinfulness and worldliness of this culture.  The Lord has called us out, and we have answered, and I am so thankful for that.  His grace is sufficient, without the ostentatious religious show which our churches have created.  This show, which I called The Parade in a previous post, is going to end its run soon.  And those who are not prepared for this day of exile and difficulty will have an extremely hard time adjusting, many falling away.

The depravity around us is hard to fathom.  In the past ten years, things have escalated to the point that our children, and our children's children, the two most recent generations, are truly godless in ways that we older people never could have imagined even 30 years ago.  They are godless in the heart, without thought of Him, without knowledge of what it means to love Christ and follow Him.  They have embraced the worldly cultural attitudes that all roads lead to God--sort of a Disney approach--which has been among us for generations, promulgated ceaselessly by an entertainment and news industry which at its core is essentially atheistic, pantheistic, or outright pagan, worshiping the earth, the skies, the seas, the creation, and ignoring the Creator.

The churches in the meantime, have bought into the Babylonian culture with zeal.  We have emulated the world, bringing Hollywood into the Temple.  Who do we think we are to ignore the most basic commands of Scripture, about love, and the Body of Christ, and the narrow gate, and then beg God's blessings, or even demand them?  God says:

"We would have healed Babylon, 
but she cannot be healed;
let us leave her and each go to his own land,
for her judgement reaches to the skies,
it rises high as the clouds."
Jer. 51:9

For every believer in Christ, "his own land" means the Kingdom of God.  We have a Promised Land, and it is here with us in our hearts, beyond the reach of politics, economics, or social pressures.  It is in Christ, and we are in heavenly places, beyond the reach of these temporal things.  Yet many of us persist in clinging to our worldly loves.  Therefore we will be broken forcibly away from Babylon, being faced with choices we thought only existed in Scripture, not in our lives.

Some of us are making these choices today.  Christ or family.  Christ or friends.  Christ or the man-made traditions of church life.  Christ or the esteem of co-workers.  Christ or church leadership.  Christ or the habits we've clung to.  Christ or the secret sin we've never divulged.  Christ or our favorite entertainments.  Christ or our toys.

America leads the world in the export of sin.  Whatever we had we squandered.  It is time the people of God quit excusing these deadly vices, and began repenting.  Never does Scripture teach that an earthly nation, no matter democratic or not, is at the center of His plans for Christ's return.  The spiritual Israel, all those who know Christ and follow Him, will be at the center of His Day of glory to come.  And that nation will come out of every tribe, every nation, every point on the globe.

There are more true, Christ-empowered, trial-proved Christians today in China then there are in the United States.  Millions there risk everything they have and own today, this very day, just to meet together and study the Scriptures, worship the Lord, and love one another.  Millions more around the world in nations that openly declare their opposition to God's Word and Christ's Kingdom suffer for their faith in the Lord Jesus.  And Christians in America cry out and whine and spend millions of dollars today because our precious affluent lifestyles and freedoms are threatened a little.

Because of our sins, and the sins of Babylon, she will fall.  Yet God has not forsaken His people.

"Before your eyes I will repay Babylon
and all who live in Babylonia 
for all the wrong they have done in Zion,
declares the Lord."
Jer. 51:24

The Lord will save Zion, by His own hand.  It will have nothing to do with political movements, or the attempts we make to save ourselves.  We will, as other believers, in other parts of the world, have to persevere through suffering and tremendous difficulty.  Yet in the end, we will be saved, and we will stand with Christ, His own, the sheep of His pasture, the ones He knows by name, on His Day when He comes to redeem those in Zion.

And Babylon will be judged for her sins, including the sin of leading God's people astray, which is her greatest and most grievous trespass.  


  1. A. Brother

    What a disturbing but true message. In our arrogance we ignore the reality. Can't we see the bus coming; must we wait to be hit by it before we move? This country offers freedom unheard of in the history of time and yet that very freedom is the chain in which we are all bounded by. As you say, the time is coming that we will have to all make difficult choices, yet I think that time is now. We must make those choices every second, minute and hour of the day. That choice, I feel, is simple; it is to take the basket off the lamp and to allow the light of Christ within us to show the way in these dark times. I will say that the evil who use our Constitution as a way to claim freedom have forgotten what the basis of that freedom is, God instilled rights, not human given. Now we are seeing the effects of a non-God fearing nation, one that uses the God based rights to speak and work against him and us, allowing for idolatry to rule and not Holiness. We are seeing our leaders confuse their power through election of people with power mandated from God, yet they do not seek his advice, they ignore him as Solomon did, which I fear will lead to the same demise.

    You are right, the time is coming, but I wonder if it has already come?

    Just last week I was discussing a Bible study at work with someone and asked the person, how will be pulling it off? They said it would have to be in secret, we have to hide our faith. This shows me that we are already under siege, to be a devoted follower of Christ is as dangerous today as it was then, although the sentence carried out is a little different. In the past they beheaded you, now they take your livelihood away, which in our nation seems to be the same. However, you and I have spoken extensively about this, the fact that Christ has blessed us by working on us and weaning us from the “gold standard” or the “American dream” ahead of the curve is awesome. I myself was in pursuit of the riches of this world but now I see that these riches mean nothing, they are as useful as a leader using his will instead of God’s. I pray that every breath I take will glorify God, not I. I pray that if God chooses to rip this country apart then it is for his glory and for the purpose of changing the population of heaven and hell.

    I must confess, I am weak, I am still wrestling with worldly wants, I am human. But I also confess, Christ is my focus and my center, I am blessed by living week to week, paycheck to paycheck, it has allowed me to see how my only truth in this life is Christ, and everything else just does not matter. I am awake, I am focused and I am at piece with God’s plan as I hope all followers are. I pray he knows me as I know him and my prayer is that I can be used so others can say the same. God bless….

    A. Bondservant

  2. Yeah brother, we are living in the beginning of sorrows. The Lord spoke and told me in Jan., "it's happening right now", after a study that day on the first half of Matthew 24. Let us pray, fast, and seek His face that we may be prepared for what's ahead.

  3. A wise grounds keeper at my last church once told me "preach Christ and Him crucified" and if you absolutely have to...........USE WORDS!
    working in the state foster program we are known for our belief and monitored very closely.
    Our lifestyle speaks of Christ with out words and it is changing lives of troubled teens and case workers and even state officials. If we even mention Jesus we would be shut down quickly!
    continue the good fellowship, it is appreciated

  4. Thanks, Armon. To find true brothers is like finding water in the desert. You and these others who read and find strength in the Word with me are my refreshment! God's blessings today in Christ to all of you...


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