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TEXT:  1 Kings 12:31-13:32

I ask you to read this entire section before you read what I’ve written here, men.  This is a little-known occurrence, yet has great importance for us today.

I’m going to share a few insights God gave me this morning about this man of God and the prophet who lied to him and ensnared him in a sin that resulted in his death.  I pray that the eyes of our understanding will be opened by our Father, and that we will take to heart the lessons here for us.

First, note that the man of God brought God’s message forcefully to the King.  He was a man of conviction and courage, standing up to the most powerful leaders of his day.  He had a message from God and he delivered it, on time, and in the place he was to deliver it.  He also didn’t back down when the King became angry, but called on the Lord and the Lord answered right there, withering the King’s outstretched hand.  This unnamed man of God is very impressive.  And He was obedient to his calling.

Then, after the Lord saved the man of God, he actually had the courage and character to turn down the King’s offer.  (Read it, men).  He told the King he wouldn’t compromise even if the King gave him half the kingdom.  This was a guy we could all emulate.

But, in the end, this mighty man of God, after all these exploits, disobeyed God in the “little things”, and was tempted and fell to a silly dinner invitation by a fellow prophet.  This temptation came from a “brother” who lied to the man of God in order to lead him astray. 
This old prophet said, “I, too, am a prophet as you are.  And an angel said to me by the word of the Lord…” (13:18)

The Lord gives me two other Scriptures for us today.

“…for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”
2 Cor. 11:14

“But even if we or an angel from heaven
should preach a gospel other than the one
we preached to you, let him be
eternally condemned.”
Gal. 1:8

In this critical hour we have many who preach gospels of their own devising.  These men masquerade as angels of light, and bring their words from God to us.  If we are not grounded firmly in the Word of God to us, the original gospel as handed us by Christ through His apostles in the Word of God, then we will fall.

This mighty man of God, unnamed, forgotten, was a great man.  He had the Word of God and followed it.  He was a man of courage and conviction.  He risked his life to defy the powers of his day and stay true to the Lord.  Yet he was led astray by a fellow prophet who claimed a different word, delivered by angels.

Is this a picture of us today?  Oh, brothers, read the news.   Men of God led astray by greed, lust, and the love of this world.  And leading other men of God with them.  For a dinner our man of God in this passage gave up his ministry, and died on the road back home.  He never made it.

I pray better for us.  Let the Holy Spirit give you His insight in these matters, and watch yourselves, for many masquerade today, giving us words they claim are from the Lord, yet they are liars and deceivers.


  1. I am amazed at how the easiest thing to do is sometimes the most deadly/dangerous. When I say this I mean, the easiest thing being in love, staying in love and finding comfort in love. We all search for it, yet Christ gives it freely, yet we continue to search it from elsewhere. Why aren't we content? I personally know the absolute freedom and amazing feeling I feel when I am immersed in his love. All I have to do is obey, why do I lose focus and stray as this profit did? Even though he was misled by someone claiming to be of God, that someone in my life could very well be me. I claim to be of God but I fail time and time again, and I chose to listen to my will instead of that of Christs. I love what you wrote, it certainly applies here. Thank you.


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