A. Brother
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Note:  Based on Ephesians 3:10-21

          Father, from your heart you purposed and planned before time began that your wisdom and power and glory should be shown to the universe through your gathered together people.
          We pray your intent would be carried out, and that all rulers, kingdoms and authorities, whether here on earth or in heavenly places, would see You and Your Son Jesus Christ displayed in us, Your family, Your Son’s Body, Your Son’s Bride.
          We bow today before You, both physically and in our hearts.
          We pray that You would strengthen us with Your power through the Spirit in our inner beings, that Christ Jesus would live in our hearts today by faith. 
          We pray that all of us, each of us, being grounded, deeply rooted in the love of Christ, would be given Your power within us to understand and know in our actual experience this love. 
          That together with Your true disciples around the world and next to us here, we would know Your vast, unlimited love which exceeds the size of all Your creation, and fills everything, even space and time and the universe. 
          Your love is beyond our comprehension, but we pray that the Spirit would expand our hearts today, so that we might see with Your eyes, and know these mysteries that are beyond knowledge.
          We pray that we, the Body of Christ, and that each of us individually dwelling in Christ, would be filled completely with Your fullness, this power and love from Your Spirit, through faith.
          Now we exalt You, who can do anything, even so much more than we are capable of asking for, or imagining.  By the power You have placed within us, which works within us, may we bring praise, honor and glory to You as Your Chosen People.
          May You be lifted up before the world and the universe by the way we show You today, and may we be empowered to walk as Christ walked by His Spirit within.



  1. Shalom A. Brother,

    I receive thhis with Holy Ghost bumps. This was so beautiful.Our LORD told me that my last mesage on my bog would be about LOVE & FORGIVENESS. This is confirmation. I would love to speak with you Brother. I have so much I want to ask you. If our Father moves you please email me @

    Your sister in Yeshua,


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