This morning I have been praying, and reading prayer requests sent out from streetscape ministries in Houston, Texas.  This ministry helps the homeless.

What strikes me is the desperate plight of God's people.  The homeless we understand.  They are clearly in trouble.  No place to sleep, begging for food and money, they are poor in the poorest sense.  And often that way because of deep spiritual and emotional problems.

But the people of God are a tragedy all to themselves.  And unrecognized.  I mourn this morning for the cries and heartache of the thousands upon thousands in the churches, or formerly from the churches.  Hurting, angry, confused, sad, lonely, afflicted, disappointed, and wondering where the people of God are when they need them.

Often they have experienced loss and tragedy, personal sickness, financial chaos, or constant attacks from other people.  Unfortunately, many of these attacks are from people who claim to know God.  Having experienced these attacks, and known these kind of "pseudo-Christians", I can attest to the horrible things they can do  in the name of Christ.  They masquerade as leaders, pastors, or just rank-and-file members of the churches, yet they live by creeds and curriculum, rules and regulations, and their hearts do not hold the love of Christ in good measure.  This is why they judge, finding ways to separate themselves from those in trouble, and justify their lack of help and concern, even by twisting Scripture.

Reading the plight of many brethren this morning, and hearing their cries for mercy, I hear also the voice of God from the Word.

"Though the Lord is on high, He looks upon the lowly, but the proud He knows from afar.  Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You preserve my life;  You stretch out Your hand against the anger of my foes, with Your right hand you save me.  The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever."
Psalm 138:6-8

May we understand this morning that God is with the lowly, not the proud.  He insists that we learn to love one another, up close and personal, and will not bless those who abandon one another and walk by without helping.  We are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, and if we don't obey Him, He will find those who will.  He is not handicapped, strapped down, unable to save.  He is the Lord, and He will act on behalf of those who cannot act for themselves, even if they are abandoned and attacked by others who claim to be of Christ, but are proud and arrogant, unloving, and hardhearted.


  1. I agree, but that is where the 1 on 1 interaction is vital to getting Jesus’ message out. Love everyone you come in contact with, serve everyone. We don’t have to fall down and wash their feet, but simply care that they might not have the piece we have in Christ, and lastly share the news. That we as Christians stop living the church life that was taught to us by our parents, yet it is so comfortable and we need to take risks. Actually taking those chances and putting away our thoughts of embarrassment. God will protect us. In this day of doom and gloom it is our opportunity to show the world that Jesus is the Light and the way, you can not find peace in no one or thing other than him. We as Christians fail because we continue to look at our leadership, whether that is a; politician, pastor, friend, family member. They are human, they will fail. All we need is Christ; Faith in him isn't just a word or a mantra, FAITH IS AN ACTION. Actually stepping out of our comfort zone and taking that faithful step when we have the opportunity. As we discussed yesterday; without proclaiming our faith, without being beacons of light and practicing what we preach, we are “spiritual impotent.” We are all talk and just as empty as everyone else. It is time to put up or shut up. Now is the time where we can fight for every soul and possible positively impact the populations of heaven and hell.

  2. Dear Brother Bondservant:

    So right. Christ is all. We can rest in Him, knowing He will empower us today to live His life toward others. It's His love toward others we live, not letting them go their own way toward destruction, but loving them enough to reach out to them in kindness, mercy, and share, when they ask us about the "hope that is within us". If all we have is religion, then we have nothing to offer. If we are religious, (and believe me I was there for many years), we have nothing to offer but creeds and curriculums, the weak comforts of being part of a "belief system". But the life of Christ that begins working out in us when we go through the fires, the deep waters, the tribulations, and lose our own lives to find His, that life of Christ is unleashed in us to give hope to others in this dark, unholy, hopeless world.

    Thanks for the good Word, my brother. We will be "enrolling" people today for a far greater cause than just education, won't we? It is our highest and best calling...

    Your Brother,
    A. Brother


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