A. Brother
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TEXT:  NUMBERS 22:1-35

          This is for all brothers and sisters who know the calling of the Lord to speak for Him;  those who are watchmen, prophets, teachers, and shepherds in Christ, and who seek Him, and work to carry out His Word faithfully by His power, and for His glory.

          Don’t blame the donkey.  I leave it to you to read this account God gives us of a man God called.  This man, Balaam, was on his God-given mission to fulfill this clear calling.  He encountered absolutely strange and unexplainable delays because of his donkey, his only mode of transportation.  Balaam, understandably, was angry and frustrated over the behavior of his normally reliable highway conveyance.  He beat the donkey, raged against the donkey, and tried to make the donkey conform to Balaam’s timetables and plans.

          The donkey would not cooperate.  Balaam was being kept from his God-appointed calling, and this stupid animal was the cause.  The prophet tried three times to make his donkey get up and continue on the road to his appointment. 

          Suddenly, in the middle of a beating Balaam was giving the poor animal, she spoke, sadly asking the prophet why, when she had been faithful to him always, he had suddenly blamed her for her actions. 

          Balaam’s eyes were opened, and in shock, he was staring at an angel of God, sword drawn.

“Why have you beaten your donkey these three times?
I have come here to oppose you
because your path is a reckless one before me.
The donkey saw me and turned away from me
these three times.  If she had not turned away,
I would certainly have killed you by now,
but would have spared her.”
Num. 22:32,33

          Brothers, in our quest to continue on our path while we fulfill our direct calling from God, let us not doubt Him when our own plans and timetables are upset.  When our donkeys fail us, we must lay prostrate before our Lord, and let His Spirit speak to us, and we must calmly give over the plans and timetables to Him.

          Remember Moses.  He was delayed forty years, and God was faithful to do His work anyway.  Remember Joseph, whose delay took the form of betrayal into slavery by his own brothers, and included further betrayal and prison.  Remember the prophets, many of whom never got to see the fulfillment of God’s Word they faithfully preached and died for.  Remember our Lord Jesus Christ, who quietly plied the carpenter’s trade while others went to study among the exalted religious leaders in Jerusalem, and who later walked among the poorest people, and whose entire world-shaking, timeless Life was publicly displayed for only 3 short years.  Remember the apostles, who were last in the procession, and put on display like fools for the world to see, delayed constantly by opposition, beatings, floggings, shipwrecks, imprisonments, house arrest, exile, torture and death.

          This is God’s work, and He will be with you in every delay, every disastrous turn, every hard place, every wilderness mile.  He is Lord, and He loved you and called you by His Name for His sake, and He will never forsake you.  You love His Word, and you have eaten it, and it has become for you the joy and delight of your heart. 

          Now, together, let’s trust Him wholly, the Christ we know and serve, to have a foolproof purpose in every delay, every donkey that behaves badly.  Otherwise, we may find ourselves fighting God, who never makes mistakes.

          All love and encouragement to you, and all strength from the Holy Spirit to give up your anger, your frustration, your well-deserved fits, to fall down before the Father, and accept His will today. 

          Christ’s rest to all who love Him.


  1. It is funny; I am beginning to think you are following me...haha. I can honestly say I have beaten the donkey many times and at the time I could have sworn it deserved it. Looking back, I can see where my struggle for power and control was what the real fight is. How God will take a perceived inconvenience and turn it for his glory. As many of us have the same story, the frustration of losing; jobs, wealth, friends and loved ones, we can't always pull back and have a clear perspective. But as you say, lay prostrate and wait, God is faithful and if we are truly doing his calling, we will hear and have his favor. I am thankful that God doesn't turn the whip on me, more times than not, I am that Donkey, moving slowly and not listening to his commands. Great read...cya later.


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