A. Brother
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“…you are the ones who
justify yourselves in the eyes of men,
but God knows your hearts. 
What is highly valued among men
is detestable in God’s sight.”
--Luke 16:15

“The eye is the lamp of the body. 
If your eyes are good,
your whole body will be full of light. 
But if your eyes are bad,
your whole body will be full of darkness. 
If then the light within you is darkness,
how great is that darkness!” 
--Matt. 6:22,23

          How do you and I see things?
          Jesus says we must have “good eyes” in order for our whole lives to be full of light.  In other words, how we see things is all-important because it determines if we’re living in the light or in the darkness.
          Jesus went around healing those who had problems with seeing.  The blind were given their sight when He was around.
          It’s the same way today.  When we come to Jesus, He wants to take away our blindness and give us “eyes to see”.  Good eyes.  Eyes that illuminate our entire life, and light up the inner man.  Then He shows us, in His pure light, who we are and what we should be valuing rather than what is being valued by men around us.
          When Jesus is in charge, He goes to work on our eyes.

          Would you agree that how we see things around us, how we see life, and other people, and the world, and even how we see ourselves, determines how we will live our lives?
          Our sight defines our realities, our roles, our preferences, our priorities.
          Isn’t that what Jesus says to us?
          How we see things must change if we are to be like Jesus.  Our way of looking at things must become His Way.

          The Pharisees, the religious people of Jesus’ society, refused to acknowledge that they were blind and in need of Jesus’ touch.
          Jesus said to them:

“For judgment I have come into this world,
so that the blind will see
and those who see will become blind.”
--John 9:39

            These religious people prided themselves on having 20/20 vision.  They had it all figured out.  They not only could see things for themselves, they could see them for other people, too.  They were guides to the blind, they believed.
          And when Jesus said these things, they knew He was talking about them.  “What, are we blind, too?” they asked indignantly.

“Jesus said, ‘If you were blind,
you would not be guilty of sin;
but now that you claim you can see,
your guilt remains.”  
--John 9:41

            It’s those who acknowledge their blindness, who admit that their “eyes are bad” who will receive healing from Jesus.  If you and I have pride and arrogance that says we don’t need to be changed, that ‘we see very well, thank you,’ then we won’t be healed.  Jesus won’t force it on us.
          Today, it is of vital importance that you and I let Jesus heal our eyes.  We must look at ourselves, others, and this world through His eyes, or we are doomed to go wrong, unfruitful and even destructive ways, instead of His Way.

“For everything in the world—
the craving of sinful man,
the lust of his eyes
and the boasting of what he has and does—
does not come from the Father
but from the world.” 
--1 John 2:16

            Those lusts of our eyes are continually generated by our unhealed, unholy ways of looking at life, because we refuse to acknowledge our darkness.  Like the Pharisees, we insist we can see.  Even those of us who claim to be Christians are often lying.  We have the same view of the world that John condemns here.
          We crave what the world offers.  We lust for what it holds out to us.  When we get it we brag about it.
          Oh, brothers, our darkness is great!!
          I lived most of my life saying I knew God, and living in the dark.
          My eyes were bad.  I truly didn’t see how godless and wrong my ways were!
          Does your life reflect your cravings for the things this world offers?  Do you spend your time seeking “the kingdom of God and His righteousness” or building your career, your financial security, your load of possessions, your comfortable life here on earth?
          The blind man Jesus healed in John 9 knew he was blind.  He was grateful to be healed, and ended up worshipping Jesus as Lord because Jesus gave him eyes to see the world around him.  Suddenly all became bright and clear.
          The Pharisees would not be healed.  They chose the world instead of Jesus.  Their position, possessions, power and security issues kept them chained to the wrong things.  Their bodies, their lives, and all they touched were “full of darkness”.
          Brothers in Christ, or those who don’t know Christ, let Jesus heal your eyes today.  He came to bring sight to the blind.  But remember this warning:

“If we claim we have not sinned,
we make Him out to be a liar
and His Word has no place in our lives.”
 --1 John 1:10


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