"For two whole years Paul stayed there in his own rented house 
and welcomed all who came to see him.  
Boldly and without hindrance he preached the 
Kingdom of God
and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ."
Acts 28:30,31

           This strikes me as another example of the simplicity of ministry which we often miss.  
           What about opening our own homes, inviting in the saved and the lost, sharing at all times the Kingdom of God and the Lord Jesus Christ with others?  What has happened to us that we believe all ministry takes place in special buildings or at special times?
            We treat our own homes as if they are sanctuaries for US, but in actuality, they are owned by our Lord, and must be available, as all our other possessions, for His use at any time.  We often act as if God acts only in the chosen places we build for Him to stay, like our church buildings.  Yet He will not be confined, even if we want Him to be.  
            If God chose the simple things, the foolish things, the things that are not, to confound the wisdom of the world, then here is another way in which He does it.
            My home, whether rented or owned, is a place for speaking of the Kingdom of God freely, and sharing the truth and grace of Jesus Christ.  We must open our own abodes to the Spirit, first of all living with our spouses, or friends, or other family in openness and love, and then sharing that with others.
            This is about Christ, and His work in us.  Paul had that unquenchable fire of the Spirit of God that gave him the desire to expend himself for others, even to the extent of opening his place of private rest and sanctuary to others.  And he was under house arrest at this time in his life!  
            I am challenged by this.  I want my home to be a place of warmth and openness in Christ, and available to all who wish to know more about Him.  My wife and I are homeless at the moment, living with family, but will be getting an apartment in the next few months.  At that time, we'll begin opening our home to any and all who wish to know the Lord Jesus and His Kingdom.  We'll have "open sessions" when those who wish can come over and we will share with them the Truth of the Word of God, and we'll welcome those who need us at other times, too.  This is a small start!
           This is something we can all do, but it stems from our heart's desires.  Pray, brothers, because God may have this way I've talked about, or other ways for you, but we all must be sharing Christ's Way, this Christ-life, this wonderful good news of the Kingdom of God, with as many as we can.
           Blessings on all those who truly seek the Lord Himself today.

           Your brother, 
           A. Brother


  1. The Holy Spirit moves me every time I read a message from you. If there is anything this Sister can do to help you and you wife please let me know. Your words are truly inpsired by the Holy Spirit. LOVE is the answer.

    In Yeshua,


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