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“…because through Jesus Christ the law of the Spirit of Life
set me free from the law of sin and death.”
Romans 8:2

          Each of us lives by a set of laws.  There are three sets of laws operative in the universe today.
          First, there is the Law of This World.  This law takes many forms, depending on where you live, and what culture and era of time you live in.  This law is created by the prince of this world, with the cooperation of all those under his influence.  This law lays down the rules and regulations which determine a person’s status and standing within a particular society.
          The Law of This World is godless.  It reflects the true nature of the adversary of all God is and does.  It is self-reliant, proud, rebellious against God, and though it takes many differing forms, its common denominator is this: It is man-centric.  Its basic tenets are to chase the lusts of the eyes, the lusts of the flesh, and the pride of life.  It puts man at the center of creation, and puts all things under his control.  This law is pervasive in the world, and always has been. 
          The Law of This World is strict, and merciless.  If you want to be accepted, respected, and part of the cool crowd, then you will follow its precepts and edicts.  You will be a slave to society, conforming to its whims (spoken or unspoken).  You will try to be loved and accepted by doing whatever people around you have decided is the thing to do right now, and you will be trying constantly to earn the favor of the world by outward adherence to its basic principles.
          The Law of the World is unforgiving.  If you trespass, you will be rejected, and you will lose all status and position.  In fact, this law has encouraged all hatred, war, genocide, cruelty, harm to others of any kind throughout history.  This is the law that serves the God-hating, man-hating prince of this world, Satan, and forms mankind into his image.

          Second, there is the Law of Religion.  This law also takes many forms, and it is also dependent on where you live, and your culture and era of time.  This law is also created by the prince of this world, with the cooperation of his slaves.  This law lays down religious rules and regulations which determine a person’s status and standing within a particular society, and even claims to determine a person’s status with God.
          This Law of Religion mirrors all the aspects of the Law of This Word, including its focus on self, its pride, its rules and regulations.  The difference is this: It purports to make a man acceptable to God by adherence to those mandates.  This law appears to make a man acceptable to God or gods by doing things—building temples, burning incense, giving offerings, attending events.  It claims in some way to bring man to a higher level, to communion or acceptance with God or the gods by following its basic commandments or principles.  This law is the most dangerous of the two sets of worldly laws, because in it the enemy takes on himself the appearance of an angel of light, which is Satan’s most beautiful disguise.
          This Law of Religion is merciless, and demands that you follow its rules in order to be accepted, respected, and part of the cool crowd.  Sadly, it is a law that also allows its adherents to largely follow the Law of This World, so long as they also follow the Law of Religion.  This Law focuses on conformance to outward actions and precepts, and can appear to the untrained eye as something godly.  Yet it is also the root of hatred, factions, discord, war, religious crusades, massive self-spending, and harm to others in the name of religion.  This law also serves its master—the man-hating, God-hating prince of darkness.

          There is only one law that gives freedom.  And that law is outlined for us in the New Testament, and is the fulfillment and completion of the Old Testament Law. 
          The Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus brings freedom from the tyranny of the Law of This World and the Law of Religion. 
          This Law frees us from all other rules and regulations.  It is the Law that says, you will now live by the Spirit of God, and become Sons of God by Christ alone.  You will no longer be slaves to sin and death, but alive in Christ.  You will no longer try to earn acceptance from anyone, no longer try to be respected by the world or religious people.  You will only rest in the finished work of Jesus Christ and you will be filled with His Spirit, empowering and enabling you to live a life of righteousness because of Him.  You will no longer chase after rules and regulations.  You will instead live and walk in Christ, and your body and mind will be His.  You have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.  You no longer live, but Christ lives in you.  So, your efforts to live by any set of rules are now fruitless.
          In Christ, you abide in the vine as a branch, and you are completely dependent on Him to produce the fruit of the Spirit through you, like grapes come naturally to a vine.  There is no more striving.  Instead there is rest.  There is no more anxious adherence to the basic principles of religion or the world around you.  You are in Christ, and it is His life that matters now.

          Brothers in Christ, many of us are caught up in striving to live by law.  Remember, there are only three sets of laws.  Two are authored and maintained by the enemy of your soul.  Only one brings true freedom!
          This Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus will free you from tyranny, and make you many enemies, both in the world, and in religion.  Christ was crucified by adherents of the Law of Religion, with the help of adherents to the Law of This World.  This is why our Lord Jesus warned us so many times that we would be hated by both, and that many of us who live according to His law would be persecuted, and hunted down, killed and slaughtered like sheep.
          Yet it is the only Way, because it is the Way of Christ.


  1. I think most of us still are bound by the law of this world and religion, we have not realized the power in the law of the spirit yet, and therefore really need to rise up to welcome that freedom that Christ has called us to, that freedom He purchased by His blood for us.
    I love this article, i think Christians ought to desire more to be accepted by God, to please God rather than man.

  2. I love your comment, my question has been "where are the disciples"? the church has done a really good job of leaving people hanging out there after their so called confession!
    I pray all who comment here receive the fire of purification and the heart to disciple thru the third law.


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