"This time I will teach them--this time I will teach them my power and might.  Then they will know that My Name is the Lord."  Jer. 16:21

          There are times we learn things ABOUT the Lord.  Most of us, if we've been in church many years, will have learned many things about the Lord.  We have the knowledge in our brains, this head knowledge of Christ, and His Word.  We can tell people many things ABOUT the Lord.
          Here God is saying something different.  His people are going into exile soon.  They will see their homes, cities, farms, and crops destroyed.  They will experience pain and hardship like they've never known in their lifetimes.  God is looking at them and He sees a people caught up completely in themselves, fascinated by their own culture, in love with their own ideas, intent upon their religious duties, and with a great knowledge ABOUT Him, but little knowledge OF Him.  These, His beloved, are immature, bound up in sin, trapped in the world, and about to enter a period of suffering they won't be able to escape.
          So the Father pronounces, through Jeremiah, a new thing.  A declaration of His intent.  God says, this time, they will learn OF Me.  My people are too precious to me to be allowed to go on like this any longer.  I will save them, even if it is painful for them.  When they come back to me after this exile, they will be humbled, they will know Me, they will know My power and My might.  They will come back a different people, changed into My people.  This time I will teach them that I am all.  I will teach them it is only by My power and My might that they can live.  They will know MY NAME IS THE LORD.  And they will come back to rebuild My temple, and to love me alone.
          Today, do you only know ABOUT the Lord?  Do you really live in your own power and the strength of your own hand?  Does God seem as a loving, but distant Father, whom you know a little, but serve faithfully?  Do your religious activities bring you solace?  Do you want more?
          Pray that God would deliver you from the trap of surface knowledge of Christ, and bring you, no matter what it takes, into the Christ-life.  Pray that, even if it means sorrow and suffering, God would wean you away from the baby food of modern Christian worship and teaching, and bring you into the FULL KNOWLEDGE OF CHRIST that He wants you to have.  Pray that He will keep you from deception, and bring you, with others who seek Him, back to the "full message of this new life" which was promised us.
          Those of us who are learning the true power and might of God through Christ will pray for you.
          We know what it's like to be trapped in surface knowledge, and to be caught in the world, by sin made slaves.  If you pray, God will provide a way of escape.


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