Oh, Father, I acknowledge that Christ in me is my only hope today.  I cannot do anything of value today without Your Spirit empowering me.  There is nothing of myself I can bring that will be unshakable.  Only what You bring will stand.  So work the death of Christ in me, His suffering, His beautiful Atonement, and produce the fruit of His Spirit in me.  Produce the New Man, growing from the Vine, Christ Himself.  May the work of God be in me today, crucifying the old man's ways, and bringing to life the knowledge of Christ, so that I might be His Body on the earth.  Bring me together with other members of the Body, and let us together walk as Jesus did, destroying the works of the devil.  Keep us safe through the shaking, the testing, the purifying fires of affliction coming.  Let only what is Christ's remain.  Let all that is not Him drop off and be consumed, blown away like chaff in the hot, purging winds.  May to live be Christ for me, and to die gain, not in verse but in fact.  And may Your power enable me to open the door, go out into this evil, hard world, and face it unafraid, because dead men feel no fear.  

So be it, by Your grace.

Your son, Christ's brother,
A. Brother


  1. AMEN AMEN AMEN!!! Thank you for this Spirit filled prayer.


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