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“The law was added so that the trespass might increase.”
Romans 6:20

Brothers and sisters, we have been subtly obeying legalistic creeds and curriculums for generations in increasing measure.  As a result, the churches are full of sin and corruption, and men and women reel under the loads of guilt and oppression that God never intended them to have.

Why?  Because we have misunderstood the purpose and application of the Mosaic law.

God intended the law to lead us to Christ by exposing our sinfulness.  Before the law, Abram and his heirs were justified by faith.  During the law’s time of application, all God’s men and women lived and were justified by their faith.  (Read Hebrews 11, which is a list of many of these Old Testament saints).  After Christ came, the law was made moot.  It was completed, for which reason our Lord hung on the cross and said, “It is finished.”  He had gone to hell and back for us, destroying sin’s power over us.  That is what Romans details for us.  This release from the law, and the power of sin, for sin has no power over dead men.

“For we know that our old self was crucified with Him
so that the body of sin might be done away with,
that we should no longer be slaves to sin—
because anyone who has died has been freed from sin.”
Romans 6:6

Think about this.  Never has any man been justified by keeping the law.  If it were possible, then Christ would not have needed to die.  That is why Jesus had to confront the Pharisees, who had convinced themselves they were righteous because the outside of the cup looked good.  Jesus told them that didn’t matter.  He exposed the inside of the cup, which was full of greed and corruption.  The law was always meant to lead men to faith.  It’s always been about faith!

We set ourselves up for failure, brothers, by holding onto even one or two provisions of the law.  Because what happens next is human nature.  We add to them.  We judge ourselves, even in subtle ways, by our outside adherence to these things.  The way we do church, for instance.  The way we worship.  The way we dress, or act.  The way we talk.  The music we listen to.  The activities we engage in, or don’t engage in.  Notice something about all these?  They are all outward things.  Not one requires a clean cup inside.  No wonder we can go along together in our churches, even as leaders, without anyone knowing the inside of the cup is full of private sin, or private pain.

It is time we left the old covenant behind us.  The New Covenant is our life.  This freedom in Christ is about our death, and His life in us.  It is not about us and the way we like to do things.  It is about death of the old man, and resurrection, and confession, and repentance.  It is about openness, and love.  It is about sharing, and giving all.  It is about God doing the impossible in us.  It is revolutionary, because it cannot be done in our own strength—only the strength of the Spirit within us.  It is Christ in us living His life.  In other words, Christ and His Spirit are absolute necessities to live the New Life.

All law is left behind if we are to enter the Narrow Gate, Christ by faith. 


  1. Shalom Brother A.

    I've read the above post and agree with the point made that life is found only in Yahshua Messiah. I have a question and that is what is the relation between Law and Grace?


  2. Dear Brother Yuri--

    Great question. One that Scripture answers loudly in many places...I would ask a favor of you, brother.
    Go back to my blog and look down the list of titles and find: "The New Way of the Spirit", which gives Word about the relationship of law and grace. In a nutshell, the Law of Moses was given to Israel to lead them to faith and grace. Those who understood that, like David, built relationships with God based on faith and love, and had a deep understanding of God's grace and mercy. From Abraham on, faith is the theme of the Old Testament. Those who knew God knew Him by faith, not by adherence to the law.

    The earliest challenges faced by the apostles, beginning in Jerusalem and continuing throughout the early growth of the Body of Christ, was the challenge from the Judaizers, who were those people who couldn't let go of having some kind of laws written on parchment that told them what to do to be acceptable to God. They couldn't just trust God to write this New Covenant, this Kingdom of God in Christ, this simple life of faith in the Son of God, on their own hearts.

    Paul wrote the entire letter of Galations to refute them. Other long passages in the New Testament clearly mark out the differences between living by law, and living by grace. Any attempt to revive the Mosaic Law in the life of true believers in Jesus Christ is another renewed attempt to live by the letter, instead of by the pure grace of Christ. It is not by following the letter that we are justified. See Abraham's life, who was justified by grace, through faith, and not by the law, which had not been established yet. The law was never meant to be a measuring stick of approval with God. It was meant to point Israel to faith, because they would find they could never keep the law.

    This is why our Lord Jesus Christ was so upset with the Pharisees and Sadducees. They were loading burdens on men's backs that nobody could carry, which was the law and the traditions of the elders, and keeping men from knowing the grace of God through faith. They were keeping men out of the Kingdom! So today, anyone who tries to add law to grace will be reproved by our Lord Jesus Christ for doing it. Otherwise, He came to us in vain, and brought the Kingdom of God, this Kingdom of Grace and Love, in vain.

    May you find the power of Christ alone through His grace,
    A. Brother


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