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            “Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord’ and do not do what I say?”  --Luke 6:46

            There is Truth flowing into the world through the Word of God, the Holy Scriptures, and the Word of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, resident in His Vineyard.
            Each day and night, every second, there is Truth being lived out by the power of the Holy Spirit.  There is Truth being taught, and Truth being lived, and there is no other Way for the Truth to come into the world.  It is all Jesus, it is all His Father, and it is all the Holy Spirit.
            Today, we have a fixation on our own ways and means and methods of saying and doing things.
            Because of our affluence, and our leisure, we have entire generations of those who call themselves believers in Christ who talk about Truth, and read about Truth, and who debate about Truth, but who do not have a clue how to live out the Way, the Truth and the Life.
            This is because we have left the simplicity of the Truth, and wandered into the wastelands of human reasoning, human wisdom, human interpretation, human intervention and manipulation of Truth.  Just reading the countless books, the internet offerings, listening to or watching the electronic recordation of our endless clever regurgitations of what we call Truth can overwhelm and confuse even the most sincere disciple who would just follow Jesus.
            We have an entire strata of our “Christian subculture” that exists and makes its living by analyzing the content and direction of the “Christian subculture” and interprets all the new and distinctive ways in which men seek to put together ways of presenting and directing the activities of what are called the “churches”.
            I’m exhausted by even thinking of the variety and scope of our attempts to direct and interpret and advise each other on Scripture and Truth.

            There is Truth, and it is presented in Scripture.  It was given by the Holy Spirit, from beginning to end.  The Truth is simple.  Even a child can grasp the Truth, and live by it.  However, not one person on this earth can hope to grasp the simplicity, and the power, of Truth, without the Holy Spirit.  There is no way we can explain ourselves into right relations with God. 
            God never changes, and the Truth never changes.
            All this frenetic activity is our own.  Jesus and the early disciples and apostles lived out what we’re to be living out.  They didn’t spend long contemplative hours, days and weeks designing new ways to present the Truth.  They were too busy living this glorious, powerful, Holy-Spirit enabled life in the middle of a difficult world to have time for the self-driven life. 
            What leisure time?  What scholarly rest?  What affluence?
            The very nature of God’s Kingdom denies us these things.
            To live out the life of Christ is to walk as He walked.  To be what He was.  To deny self, to deny our own ideas and thoughts and programs, and to live unselfishly for those around us, thereby fulfilling the will of the Father who sent Him.
            Jesus didn’t do anything without His Father.  And He requires us to do nothing without Him.  We can only do what we see the Father and the Son doing, if we are in Christ at all.
            Many today who claim to be in Christ are just doing their own thing on Christ’s time.  They are seeking to be significant, when the very essence of Christ is to become insignificant that God may be All-Significant.  It is Christ, and of Him only we boast. 
            I call you who are laboring and heavy-laden with your own plans and ideas and dreams of Christianity to drop them.  Leave your self-made plows.  The harvest is ready for reaping, and the Holy Spirit has done the work of growing and preparation. 
            If we live the Truth, which is Christ in us, then those whom the Father chooses to see will see, and a great harvest will result.
            If we simply exhaust ourselves and everyone else talking about the Truth, and chasing our own schemes, then the status quo will prevail.  The churches will continue trying to do God’s work their own ways, and people will continue to flock here and there after every wind of new method that blows.
            It is only by living the Truth, and applying the simple things Jesus required of us that we will leave our disobedience and become the vessels unto honor that Christ would make us.


  1. Of all the teachings of Christ, self-denial, I suppose, is the most easily misunderstood. Viewed from the soul perspective, self-denial is all about not doing what we want to do so that Christ can do what He wants to do. So we tend to think of a self denied life as one that is suffering for Jesus, in deepest darkest Africa, or India, or anyplace but home. I don't agree. I believe the self-denied life is one that simply trusts Jesus and is ready to have its will be conformed to that of the LORD. This may lead us to where our flesh would not go, but our will is now His, and His will is ours. In love, we submit to Him. In freedom, we serve Him, and become conformed to His image.

  2. Brother, my greatest difficulty is laying down my life for those closest to me. It is the hardest cross, the deepest anguish, the supreme pain of servanthood. I am a selfish man, and it would often be easier to choose that fake self-denied life you speak of, far away, with strangers. Right now, God has me serving at the closest level, and many times I fail. Oh, Jesus, help me be loving and kind and a servant to my wife, and daughters, and neighbors. Let your love shine through me to them first and foremost.

  3. Man do we need to talk!
    one of the greatest contradictions, misunderstandings..............
    "Jesus was not welcome in His own home town"
    He could not preach there.
    but there is no greater place to be than around those who know your deepest darkest sins (those close to you)
    this is a great example of not preaching but "being"
    those close to us are able to pull up the greatest, deepest, darkest roots of sin and expose them! How can we be Jesus to the world if He can't be seen in us by those close to us?


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